Price per Head Bookie: Putting Clients First, Grading Yourself

If you want to become successful as a price per head bookie, you must focus all of your efforts and energy on pleasing the customers of your bookmaking operation instead of yourself.

Price per Head Bookie: Putting Clients First, Grading Yourself
Price per Head Bookie: Putting Clients First, Grading Yourself

And in order to do so, you must take the time to grade yourself to figure out what you value the most, and where you currently stand as a sports betting entrepreneur.


Price per Head Bookie: Put Customers First


When you start a price per head bookie business, small or large, if you really want to have success, you need to put the interests of your clients before yours.

This means that pleasing and keeping your clients satisfied should be your main priority, time and time again.

Many bookmaking agents fail to attain success because when they start running their price per head bookie operations, they focus on pleasing themselves, and this a big mistake.

Sure, you are starting a sports betting business because you want to make a lot of money and become independent, but in order to obtain these things, it is important to keep your clients happy. You can’t have one thing, without the other.

Remember, if your clients are not happy, even if you are, they will leave you for another price per head bookie, and your happiness can soon turn into something negative that can lead you to failure. Indeed, it is easier for customers to leave, than for you to retain them.

Keep this in mind: Running a business, no matter what the industry is, is all about the clients, not about you.


Grading Yourself

As a price per head bookie business owner, it is also important for you to grade yourself.

This allows you to realize what is really important to you, what you value the most; instead of just doing what others believe you should be doing.

People rate themselves using two main measures:

  • How much cash they have in the bank, and how much they make. When their figures continue to go up on a steady basis, they know they are well.
  • For others, it is all about how much cash they give out, and how many lives they are able to influence for the better.

So, what kind of price per head bookie are you? Do you own a fat bank account, and is it that all you need to think highly about yourself? or are you the kind of bookmaking agent that doesn’t focus as much on how much you make, but on how beneficial your services are to others?

Ideally, you should be a price per head bookie that is in the middle: you care about the cash you make, but your fondness for cash doesn’t cloud your thinking about your obligations towards your players.

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