Price per Head Bookie: Evolution of Client Attention

If you want to become a successful price per head bookie, client attention must be, unquestionably, above average.

Price per Head Bookie: Evolution of Client Attention
Price per Head Bookie: Evolution of Client Attention

Since the eighties to the modern times, customer service experts have provided sports betting and casino entrepreneurs with great ideas on how to establish, and maintain relationships with players and gamblers.


Price per Head Bookie: Client Attention Ideas from Time


Here are some of the best ideas related to client attention from time, and how you can make them work for your price per head bookie operation.


Quality Management

The eighties is basically the time where the modern concept of client attention started, with buzzwords such as quality improvement, and customer service.


TQM: TQM, or total quality management, was adopted by many businesses during this time.

TQM is very helpful because it allows you to establish optimal production processes that conform to standards, and where members of your price per head bookie team are encouraged to blow their whistles in case they notice something wrong.

Out of the TQM movement from the eighties we can rescue the idea of problem-solving teams, also known as quality groups.

These are groups that gather once a week, every two weeks, or even once a month, in order to use their collective intelligence to solve a determined unwanted situation.

Once the team has agreed on a particular problem-solving method, they focus on finding the actual causes of the problem, to then find a solution.


Moments of Truth:  According to the experts of this era, clients will remember your price per head bookie business according to memorable, short, encounters they had with you.

These flashes of memory can really play a critical part on the purchasing decisions of sports betting players or casino gamblers.

Knowing that players can create the full vision of your price per head bookie business in just a couple of minutes, your mission is then to commit to service excellence.

And the best way to do this is by knowing how to manage their expectations, and their perceptions of your bookmaking and gaming operation, at all times.


Speed of Business

Now we are flashing forward to the nineties, where speed of business began to increase dramatically.

This is thanks to things such as the fax machine, and the internet, which was still on its infancy, and which brought with it the convenience of the email.

Using the phone, and these new communication tools, the experts of this era wanted to create deeper relationships with clients.

They came to the understanding that seeing a sale as a transaction is definitely short-sighted.

And they concluded that since clients of a price per head bookie business are a finite commodity, it is essential to create client loyalty.

After all, it is easier to keep a regular client, than to add a new one to your sports betting and casino portfolio.


Client-Focused vs In-Focused

In modern times, quality, and not so much quantity, is what matters the most.

Every time you interact with a current or prospective client of your price per head bookie business, see it as chance to gather feedback, to see what the real needs of your customers are, with the goal of implementing the necessary changes in order to make your business more client-centric.

What you want is to move action buyers (those who are only stimulated by price, and not by vendor loyalty), and turn them into relationship buyers (those who value their relationship with their price per head bookie).

A client-centric sports betting and gaming company is then, one that is able to really listen to what its customers have to say, and then does whatever it can to satisfy those demands and needs.

And, what you want to avoid at all costs is to turn your price per head bookie organization into an In-focused company, which doesn’t care much about the needs of its clients, and focuses on profits and other personal interests instead.


CRM The Latest, and Greatest

CRM is short for customer relationship management, and this is the most widely popular acronym utilized by client-attention experts nowadays.

CRM can be simply defined as the marriage of technology and process for tracking each and every contact point your players and gamblers have with your bookmaking organization.

To understand CRM deeply can be quite beneficial for your price per head bookie company as it can help you to improve your bottom line, and enhance both sales and loyalty.

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