Price per Head Bookie: Finding Clarity

The most favored step in order to reach success as a price per head bookie is really not the most obvious one.

Price per Head Bookie: Finding Clarity
Price per Head Bookie: Finding Clarity

It is not quick moves or motion; what really matters is to be aware of where you are headed as a bookmaking agent, and why.

Slowing down is not always synonymous with not making progress. When you manage to slow down, you are able to find clarity, and this allows you to get the results that you want as a sports betting and casino provider.

Indeed, what you want as a top bookmaker is to work smarter; not harder.

Clarity is definitely synonymous with power, and without it, you run the risk of moving into many dead ends, and this can really be costly for your price per head bookie operation.

The more clearly you are able to look at, and define an unwanted situation, the easier a possible solution becomes.


Price per Head Bookie: The Balanced Life


Everything in your life needs a balance, including your betting and gaming operation. You need to avoid getting consumed by the desire of becoming successful because this can actually blind your judgement and lead you to commit mistakes.

In order to find success as a price per head bookie, you need to find a balance between the six human needs:

  • Certainty
  • Excitement
  • Significance
  • Intimacy/love
  • Growth
  • Contribution

If you think that a career as a price per head bookie can help you satisfy such needs, then you are definitely on the right path.

To find a balance between your work, life, cash and relationships definitely contributes significantly to find the clarity that you need to run your sports betting business successfully.


Your Dream Lifestyle

Balance and lifestyle doubtless go hand in hand. A career as a price per head bookie is one that you need to follow only if you feel that this is one that fits your lifestyle.

And, if your idea of your desired lifestyle includes more free time to spend with your family or to travel, and outstanding profits; then yes, a career as a bookmaking agent is one you should pursue.

What’s important is that your new career fit your current lifestyle (and improves it), not the other way around.

Think about the kind of lifestyle you are living today, and the one you want to live in the future, including retirement, and base your professional decisions considering your lifestyle vision.


Money’s Role

Your goal shouldn’t be to make money just for the sake of being rich. Cash is definitely an important tool, but it is not the single and last goal.

If you are able to live without worrying about day-to-day expenses, and can build a healthy financial independence, then you can consider yourself a successful price per head bookie.

More than the money itself, is to actually discover what you really want to do with that cash.

Making money just for making money is a dead end. When brainstorming about the reasons of why you continue to make money, contemplating the big picture can be usually helpful.


Define Goals

People, in general, only want to:

  • Be financially independent
  • Have general good health
  • Have Excellent relationships
  • Be happy

Considering the aforementioned things is definitely very helpful when defining your goals.

You also need to dream big! Thinking small will lead you nowhere. On the other hand, if you always think big, you will possess the right state of mind to create the right situations that can help you move forward in the business world.

You should actually dream so big, that your dreams scare you. If this isn’t happening, then it means that you are not dreaming big enough.

Indeed, the end will force the means, so dreaming big when defining your goals will help you to have more clarity when creating the long-term plans for your price per head bookie business.

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