Price per Head Bookie: Getting Started with Press Releases

Distributing press releases is a great and affordable way to tell others about your Price per Head Bookie company.price-per-head-bookie-getting-started-press-releases

In order to create PR’s that are effective, you must send them to 3rd-party distribution sites, which are in charge of pushing your content to news websites.

This means that for a short period of time, the PR content that you created in order to promote your Pay per Head bookmaking business is going to be circulating on the internet fluidly, increasing your exposure to potential clients.

The PR distribution company is going to keep your content online for the long term, and it is also advisable that you do the same, and store the actual content of the PR in a Press Releases section of your website.


Price per Head Bookie: Keywords


Keywords are very important, so you must include them on the PR content to promote your Price per Head Bookie company.

The key here is to add your keywords predominantly within the first two hundred words of text as that is the actual part that the web crawlers focus on the most, based on the user search / page relevance relationship.

All in all, just try to make sure that your keywords are well distributed within the PR content in order to avoid getting penalized by the search engines for using spamming techniques.



Writing and distributing a press release gives you the opportunity of acquiring an inbound link that has the advantage of containing anchor text that was previously optimize by the webmaster of your Price per Head Bookie website.

Your best bet is to include a link to your home page, or any of your top landing pages.


Do it Regularly

Try to create and distribute PR’s at least 2 times within 3 months and so on. This gives you the advantage of doing it often enough to get you some good results, and it also doesn’t make you appear as “spammy” to the search engines.


More Facts

When writing the press releases for your Price per Head Bookie site, try to come up with content that offers some factual information about the solutions which you can provide to players. Also, avoid too much marketing copy; the more natural the writing, the better.




Ideas for a Press Release

Here are some ideas which you can consider when it comes to writing a PR content for your Price per Head Bookie business:

  • Create one when you are releasing a new service or promotion.
  • If you haven’t created a Price per Head Bookie website, make sure to create a PR once your site is officially launched. This will help you to generate some traffic immediately after your website goes live.
  • Also, if you do some major improvements to your website, you can create a press release in order to invite people to check out the new version.
  • Other major event or significant announcement.


Get the Right PR Distribution Service

There are a variety of good free press release distribution websites out there, but there are others that require a membership.

If you decide to invest some cash on a PR distribution site, check out things like: what their real coverage is, what are their monthly versus yearly prices, and all other options available.

We recommend the following PR sites:

PRWeb: This site is not only a reliable option, but it also provides users with key tips and tutorials on how to create press releases that can prove to be effective, and your Price per Head Bookie is not the exception.

Marketwired: This is a site that is going to make it easier for your PR to appear at the top of the search engine results pages or SERPs.

PR NewsWire: This is another major player, and it also deserves a chance.

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