Price per Head Bookie: Inbound Linking Maintenance 101

You can get others to link to your Price per Head Bookie site by having relevant content that other similar websites might consider price-per-head-bookie-inbound-linking-maintenanceattractive enough for their users also.

Here are some useful tips in order to help you keep your inbound links in a healthy condition.


Price per Head Bookie Tips: Identifying Inbound Links


So, when doing some SEO (search engine optimization) maintenance, how do you find out which websites are linking to your Price per Head Bookie site? When you solicit inbound links, those are the only ones you are aware of.

Since not all incoming links are created by solicitation, there are times of course when a site administrator for different reasons stumbles upon your Bookmaking Pay per Head Solutions site and decides that it is a good idea to link to you, so you end up with an extra external link.


Useful Tools

If you want to find out who is linking back to you, you can do a search in Google with the following:

This command was especially designed to show a selection of your inbound links, but if you are looking for a more comprehensive list the Bing Webmaster Toolbox is probably your best bet.


Keep an Eye on Your Links

There will be times when an external website decides to stop linking to your Bookie Services site for a variety of reasons, so it is always a good idea to check your inbound links in order to find out which ones are live and which ones aren’t.

If the link is too old, there is a chance that you won’t see it again, but if the link is new, there is also the possibility that the spiders are not aware of it yet, so it is likely that the link will become visible sooner than later.

If you have a small Price per Head Bookie site, you need to check on your incoming links on a constant basis.

For example, you have forty inbound links, all of them are going to be accounted towards the link equity of your Pay per Head Service site.

On the other hand, if you are running a larger site, a couple of eliminated incoming links are not going to matter that much, unless they are coming from websites with a lot of authority and are well known within your own industry.


Avoiding Poor-Quality Links

Incoming links generally represent a positive factor as they tell the web crawlers that people that link to you recognize your “expertise” but there are also some damaging backlinks that can get you penalized by the top search engines.

The kinds of links that you must avoid at all costs are from link farms, incestuous links and web rings.


Don’t Use Bad Links on Purpose

If you’re wondering if you can use bad incoming links to help with equity, the answer is certainly no because Google is able to detect which links are working on your Price per Head Bookie site and which ones doesn’t.

If Google detects that you are using bad incoming links on purpose, your site might be penalized.


Reciprocal Links

Out of the set of bad incoming links, the reciprocal ones are the least harmful.

When a website links to your Price per Head Bookie site and you link right back, then that is what is known as a reciprocal link. Unfortunately, when you use this kind of inbound links you are dimish the equity of the link in both directions.

Google will commonly rest some value to reciprocal links, but not always. The reason is that Google really doesn’t know what the actual intent of a reciprocal linking relationship is.

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