Price per Head Bookie: Integrating the Right People

One of the top mistakes new price per head bookie entrepreneurs make is to hire, and keep the wrong people.

Price per Head Bookie: Integrating the Right People
Price per Head Bookie: Integrating the Right People

It may be the case that you like a person so much as to even consider that individual as a good candidate for a long-term friendship.

However, just because you like someone it doesn’t mean that the person has the capacity to perform the tasks that your sports betting casino operation requires.

Indeed, you need to learn how to recruit personnel, and this article is all about that.


Price per Head Bookie: The Dilemma


Recruiting the right people for your price per head bookie company is no easy task.

Especially for those bookmaking entrepreneurs whom are hopeless romantics that love to hire individuals based on their enthusiasm or personal compliments.

This type of price per head bookie entrepreneurs believes they can see potential, and they decide to hire on that hope alone. Unfortunately, to hire base on hunches is not enough to get the best results.

Instead of hiring purely on your personal entrepreneurial instinct (you can leave that for doing business), you must hire based on evidence. This is particularly important if you don’t have the resources to train someone from the ground up.

The reason for this is that you need to spend your time doing the things that can help you make your price per head bookie organization more profitable, and spending your valuable time training someone is definitely out of the question.

What you need to do is to hire people that are already skilled in the tasks that you need them to perform, and who also possesses the right attitude to work as employees of your betting and gaming operation.


The Costliest Mistake

Hiring the right people is also important when it comes to spending your money wisely. Since there are vacant positions in your price per head company that you need to fill, and since those will take a chunk of your revenue, it is not a bad idea to consider the truths about the good, the bad, and the ugly employees.

  • The Good: You hire someone because that person is good? Then you are definitely in the wrong. It is a proven fact that a good employee works half capacity. By the time this individual is done with his water cooler chit chatting, his internet and social media browsing, and his email readings, working at half of his capacity is actually a little bit on the optimistic side.
  • The Bad: This employee is just a ladder below the good one. These individuals are in charge of creating controversy and destroying the morale of others. Plus they also alienate clients and are even less productive than the good ones.
  • The Ugly: Ugly here has nothing to do with physical attributes. It is all about the ugly financial costs related to hiring the wrong individual.

Consider these costs:

  • Recruiting
  • Salary
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Poor performance
  • Mistakes

Before hiring someone with those unwanted attributes, go for the safest choice and hire experienced, skilled individuals in order to spend your time, and most important, funds, where you should spend them.


A-Players Only

Doubtless, it is better to hire one very good employee, than three average ones with poor overall skills.

It is better to give a single salary to a good, productive and skilled employee, than to pay three salaries to people that sit down and just wait for the time to leave.

This is what is called an A-player. A member of your staff that makes your life as a price per head bookie entrepreneur easier and that also allows you to enjoy more freedom.

Although working with high-end technology such as sportsbook software takes a big chunk of responsibility out of your shoulders, you still need to consider the human side of your business, and focus on hiring only the best recruits you can find.


Building a High-Performance Culture

The culture of your price per head bookie organization is not something that you create out of thin air. It is actually something that you build with time, and around the people that you have chosen to be part of your team. So the better your staff, the richer the internal culture of your sports betting and gaming company will be.

What you want is to build a high-performance culture, and you do that by hiring high-performance individuals. So, make sure that you fill-in the vacant positions at your sportsbook business with people that possesses the attributes you want for your culture.


Recruiting: Your Top Skill

Sure, in big corporations it is common for the human resources department to be in charge of recruiting personnel. But you, as the owner of a small to medium size bookmaking operation, must always have a word on the people that you hire since they will be working close to you.

You can opt for having someone to lead the recruiting process, but you should definitely be the one with the final word on who you integrate to your price per head bookie organization.

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