Price per Head Bookie: Marketing your Business Part Two

In the first part of this series we talked about some of the methods that you can use to market your Price per Head Bookie business.price-per-head-bookie-marketing-business-two

Here we expand on it with useful information on what your goals should be and what type of clients you should be looking for.


Price per Head Bookie Tips: Reaching 100 Clients


Although you might think that getting 100 customers is an impossible task, you are probably seeing things the wrong way.

In reality you should focus on getting your clients one by one. It doesn’t matter how long it will take you to get to 100, the important fact is that you have a true goal and have the will to become a successful Price per Head Bookmaking agent.

If you really want to keep the customers that you get and prevent them from leaving you to play with another agent, you need to make of your business a truly attractive option.

Think of what players need and want and how you can provide those things to them in order to promote loyalty amongst your customers.

You can, for example, work with “milestones” such as getting 3 new clients per week (or more if possible) in order to reach your goal of having 100 players in your sports betting portfolio in a determined amount of time.

To give you the motivation that you need, you can see yourself as someone that is looking forward to improve the lives of players!

Indeed, if you can get to 100 clients, you can make a living out of your Pay per Head Solutions business without a problem.


Your Desired Loyal Clients

There are certain types of players which are the ideal ones for your Price per Head Bookie operation. We believe that a loyal client is one that:

  • Plays with you frequently
  • Speaks well of your sports betting operation.
  • Checks your Price per Head Bookie website on a regular basis and promotes your content through social media with his or her friends and acquaintances.
  • Visits your web community and gives positive feedback concerning the Price per Head Bookie services which you provide.
  • Checks with your on a constant basis for promotions. When someone regularly asks for bonuses, this means that he or she likes to play with you and is looking for an incentive to place some more bets or get some action at the casino.

Remember that someone will not become loyal to your Price per Head Bookie business unless you are able to provide him/her with the features and advantages he or she needs in order to play comfortably and without any worries.


Where can you Start?


Here are some ideas related to where you can get started searching for clients:

  • Look for people on the web that is searching for a service such as the one you offer. Although there are many sportsbooks out there, there are still many bettors that prefer to get their betting action with a Price per Head Bookie because the relationship is more personal and that gives players a sense of VIP treatment that they really enjoy.


  • Get some partners! Yes. Getting some people to help you get clients for a commission is an excellent idea because it will make it easier for you to get to your 100-client goal in less time


  • Offer first-time promos. For example, you can allow new clients of your Price per Head Bookie business to test your casino games using some bonus money (check out for information on how casino bonuses work, the house always has the advantage) for a couple of days. This is just a basic idea a promo for new clients, but we encourage you to think of some of your own!
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