Price per Head Bookie Tips: Handling Phone Conversations

Price per Head Bookie Tips: Handling Phone Conversations

Are you a price per head bookie who works with a modern phone system, and who is also having problems with telephone etiquette?

Some individuals are very good speaking person-to-person, but communicating over the phone is a little bit more challenging for them. For example, some individuals speak too loud, or keep the receiver too far away from their mouths, making communication more difficult.


Price per Head Bookie Tips: Talking and Listening


Here is some useful information on how to talk and listen to people on the phone.


The Basics

Telephone communication includes someone who speaks, and someone who listens.

The person that is speaking must be as clear and polite as possible (including the tone of the voice).

On the other hand, the person that listens must pay attention in order to respond in an appropriate way.

Although this sounds like a simple, easy process, it is really not difficult to mess it up.

For example, a person can take a phone call while eating, driving, or while doing another activity that prevents her from focusing her full attention on the call.


Business Calls

It is important not to forget that each time that you pick up the phone at work, you are representing your price per head bookie company.

And many times, this will be the first contact a prospective client has with the sports betting operation, so the impression you make on each call is very significant.


Telephone Tips

In order to obtain the best results on each telephone call, there are some key telephone tips that you must take into consideration:

  • Answer as fast as you possibly can. Stop whatever else you are doing.
  • Always say hello, and identify yourself and the organization you represent (in your case, your price per head bookie company), and state the reason for your call.
  • Be Patient. Let others say what they have to say without interrupting them or hurrying them up.
  • Be prepared for a telephone conversation before you actually make it. Have a clear idea of the message you want to communicate to the other individual.
  • Take notes. Whether you are making, or taking a phone call, you must always have something to take notes with. This can be simple pen and paper, or you can also opt for taking notes using an electronic device such as a tablet, or a smartphone.
  • Once you are done with a conversation, make sure to finish quickly, and in a cordial way.
  • Keep a good posture. Although the other person can’t see you, to keep an appropriate posture when you are in the middle of a phone conversation allows you to sound more energetic.
  • Don’t drink or eat while talking.
  • Avoid putting a person on hold longer that you need to as this is frustrating, and can be considered rude.
  • Don’t forget that a business call is not a social call, so try to avoid subjects that are not business-related.


Cell Phones

A cell phone is certainly a very important part of your price per head bookie business. For this reason, it is important that you learn how to use it for your own benefit.

When you are in the privacy of your own office or at home, you can have more freedom about answering your mobile.

However, when you are outside, you need to answer your phone only when you find yourself in a secluded location in order to prevent others from overhearing your conversation.

If you are an old school bookmaking agent, you probably remember public phones. Well, if that is the case, then you must keep the same principle in mind when using your mobile device.


Remember: The more available you are, the more business you can bring to your price per head bookie operation, and knowing how to handle yourself on the phone is doubtless, of great importance.

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