Price per Head Bookie: Focusing on Sales, Life-Changing

Whether you like it or not, the main thing that is going to determine if your price per head bookie business

Price per Head Bookie: Focusing on Sales, Life-Changing
Price per Head Bookie: Focusing on Sales, Life-Changing

succeeds or fails is sales.

Here’s a fact for you to remember: The success of a bundle of services is 10% the quality of such solutions, and 90% sales.

With that said, if you really want to make a good, continuous profit as a price per head bookie, you need to learn how to market your business the best you can, with the purpose of making as much sales as you can.

Sales are king, and customers are king, so learn how to grow, and cultivate both respectively, in order to get the results that can make you a top sportsbook software entrepreneur.


Price per Head Bookie:  Your Number 1 Job


As a price per head bookie, your job is to Always Be Closing or ABC. From the moment you get in contact with other people that can turn into potential customers, you need to be selling your sports betting and casino business. This includes both people that you physically see, and those you interact with over the web.

Your really can’t avoid the selling part of the business. Even though you may have a sales department doing all the work for you, you are still selling your ideas to potential partners, your vision to your staff, and so on.

All in all, your job as the head of your bookmaking organization will always be to convince people to do their best, and to be a top negotiator.

Indeed, as a price per head bookie, you will be selling all day, every day, and that is just part of the business. Selling, in your head, should be your number 1 job, your priority, the only thing that is going to allow you to survive in the industry, and to even surpass your competition.


Critical Reasons

There are some critical reasons why selling is more important than other areas of the business:

  • All begins with sales: Nothing really starts until you sell something. In other words, you don’t start becoming a price per head bookie until you don’t have at least, sold your vision of your sports betting and casino company, or even better, acquire your first client. This first sale actually tells you that you HAVE a price per head bookie business.
  • Everything is sustained with sales: If you don’t close clients, you will not be making the kind of money that can allow you to both pay for everything related to your price per head bookie business, and to make a profit.
  • Everything ends with sales: If you don’t manage to acquire clients on a steady basis, and most importantly, if you don’t manage to keep the customers that you acquire, you will be out of business, and fast. In other words, if you don’t focus on sales and customer retention, this will be the end of your price per head bookie business.


There’s No Hiding

When it comes to sales, looks DO matter. Your clothes are your wrapping, and people will judge you by the way you dress.

If you want to impress your clients, dress in a way that they will consider impressive! With that said, it is important that you first analyze the tastes of a prospective client before meeting with the person.

With that information at hand, you can pick your clothes for the meeting based on the preferred lifestyle of the person that you’re meeting with.

This will indeed create a sense of familiarity with the other individual, and it will increase your chances of closing a new client.

So, it is important that you make an investment on your wardrobe. Have at least a piece of everything, including luxury items.

If your day-to-day style is more on the loose side, have at least a luxury shirt, pants and shoes so you can use them when you need to meet with a prospective clients that demands only the best.

And this is important, as chances are that this is the type of client that can truly make the difference for your price per head bookie company.

Indeed, you need to Always Be Closing or ABC, and that includes presenting, and selling the image of a successful price per head bookie.


Your Already Know How to Sell

Trust me: you already know how to sell. In fact, that is what you’ve been doing your whole life. In fact, your start selling before you can even speak: the moment you learn how to influence your parents through the appropriate cry.

It is interesting how a person that says that she doesn’t know how to sell, can sell you on the fact that she is not good at selling, bullet points and case studies included!

Doubtless, we are constantly making sales presentations about ourselves.


Building Your Sales Muscles

Since you are selling all day, every day, that means that the people around are doing it also.  For this reason, it is important to keep getting better at it on a regular basis.


Don’t Sale, Help

Instead of playing a hostile mental game between you and your prospective clients, switch to a more helping mentality.

Don’t perceive future clients as if they were your prey, your next victim. When you do this, these individuals can feel your attitude towards them, and of course they may not like it.

On the other hand, when you work with a more helpful mentality, you will definitely see a difference in the way you approach people, and in consequence, the way they approach you.

In other words, once your perspective has shifted, your success rate will improve dramatically.

Instead of seeing sales as a way to GET something, see it as a tool to GIVE. When you approach a prospective customer, think that you are ready to provide that person with a great price per head bookie service. See in your mind the person receiving a benefit, almost a gift from you.

So, replace this 4-letter word: SALE, for this other 4-letter word: HELP.

How can you help? How can you be of service? What problem can you solve for a prospective client? How your price per head bookie solutions are making a positive difference in the life of your customers?


Work on Your Empathy

In order to close as many clients as you can for your bookmaking operation, you need to connect to people so they can actually move into action and start placing sports bets or play casino games with you.

You need to connect with, not just communicate with your audience. You really must be able to think like they think, and experience what they experience.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What’s in their minds?
  • What are their worries?
  • What are their fears?
  • What are their hopes?
  • Who are they hoping to impress?
  • What do you think they need assistance with?

But, don’t just brainstorm about these and other similar ideas; feel them!


Be the Connector

The secret to be great at sales is to become the ultimate connector. This means that you need to find what the most important desire, or hot button of a prospective client is, and connect that person with the right solution.

When it comes to sales, asking questions and listening to answers is very important, but the simple act of asking questions is not going to earn you the kind of profits that you want to obtain as a price per head bookie.

You need to learn what a prospective client wants, and enjoys the most, so you can offer a more personalized treatment to such a person.

And this is especially important when it comes to closing large clients for your price per head bookie business as these are the type of individuals whom appreciate special treatment, and attention.

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