Price per Head Bookie: The Favorite, Intuition, Analyzing Games

Although most people cheer for the underdog, not many bet on it when they call their price per head bookie. Instead, we are inclined

rendering of character with magnifying glass
rendering of character with magnifying glass

to risk our cash on the favorite. Actually, we put our money on the favorite more than we should, and here is some information on why.


Price per Head Bookie: Betting the Favorite


Sports betting is indeed more complicated than simply picking the favorite each and every time. What about if the favorite has to win for more than ten points? for example. This is the kind of decisions that makes betting on sports such an interesting hobby and profession.

When you call your price per head bookmaking agent in order to get your action, remember that bookies adjust the margin to make it a bit tougher for the favorite to cover the spread.


The Favorite: Why?

To the question of why people show such a strong inclination for the favorite, the answer is simple: According to recent college studies, people trust their intuition, and the latter is the one that guides their decision-making.

When a person decides how to place a wager on a given sporting event, that individual first tries to identify the name of the team that is going to win.

For the majority, the faster decision is to pick, in an intuitive way, the favorite. This is because most sport bettors find determining whether the underdog or the favorite will beat the appointed spread, a bit challenging.

The brain of the average player tells him that a given team has the most chances of winning the game, but how about beating the spread?

Surprisingly, according to researchers from Yale University and Carnegie Mellon, even when the playing field favors the underdog, people are still inclined to bet the favorite.

The same data suggests that people also show favoritism for the favorite, even when points are added to the spread, a practice that decreases the odds of the favorite.


If You’re Going to Bet, Do it Well

Remember that players get injured all the time, and betting on a team (even though it is considered the favorite on paper) that is not going to count with one or more of its stars for the game, it’s definitely a bad idea.

This is just an example of why you should think twice before picking the favorite.

Before you get in touch with your price per head call center in order to place your bets, make sure to always study both teams from the games you bet on. If you are going to start a professional sports betting career, then you can even consider paying a professional bettor who can teach you his personal tricks.


Extra Tip: Betting the Money Line

If you are a novice bettor, when you call your price per head bookie in order to submit a wager, we actually recommend you to bet the money line first in order to avoid picking the right winner, but not the right spread.

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