Price per Head Bookie Tips: Creating a Blog that Works

Congratulations on your decision to start your own Price per Head Bookie business! The next step on your path to success is to price-per-head-bookie-tips-creating-blog-workscreate your own blog, which is short for web log, a medium for communicating the pros and advantages of your sports betting operation to your prospective clients.


Price per Head Bookie Tips: Constant Updates


If you really want your Price per Head Bookie blog to give you some good results when it comes to attracting the right kind of visitors, it is in your best interest to add updates on a daily basis, or if that is not possible for you, try to add new posts at least 3 times per week.


A Blog as Part of your Site

There are actually two ways to use a blog: standalone or as part of your Price per Head Bookmaking website. If you already have a site, then the latter option is great because your site has been active for a while.

The time a given site has been up and running is quite a positive factor related to your web rankings, and by adding a blog, you are creating a tool that it will allow you to build content in a rapid and consistent way, and this can improve the authority of your Bookie Services site even more.


Standalone Blog

If you are currently not running a full Pay per Head Solutions website, you best bet is to create a standalone blog using one of the many available paid and non-paid services out there.

If you have the cash, you can opt for a paid version as it gives you more versatility and options, but if your budget is tight for the moment, then using free services such as or Blogger are great too.


User Engagement

Adding content regularly is not only good for the web crawlers, it is also a fantastic way of improving user engagement on your Price per Head Bookie blog.

When people sees that you are constantly adding content that they enjoy, it is likely that they will be interested in visiting you blog often in order to see what’s new.

Remember that since your goal is to attract prospective clients, you should add content that players will like and even share with their friends and family on social media.



To allow Comments on your blog is an optional factor as they don’t pass any link equity (due to the rel=”nofollow” attribute) but they do have some value because they can serve as a communication bridge between you and prospective clients.

On the other hand, you can actually start posting comments yourself on blogs where bettors interact. By doing so, you can add the link for your blog every time you post a new comment. Even though, as explained before, there is no link equity involved, prospective customers can follow the link to your blog and you might end up with some new clients as a result.



Whenever possible, add links to previous posts on the new ones you are creating in order to create the right kind of content relationships within your Price per Head Bookie website.

Also, even though adding links from other blogs might just help you to get traffic for a short period of time (once the owner of the other blog do an update, your link will become yesterday’s news), it is also recommended to do it, especially if those links are for blogs related to your area of interest.


As you can see, creating a blog to promote your Price per Head Bookie operation is an excellent option in order to get you clients whom are not from the area where you live.

Just remember to always practice good web etiquette and try to be as real as possible with the information that you provide in order to maintain a good reputation.

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