Price per Head Free Trial: Where to Get It, What’s Included

A pay per head free trial can make the difference between choosing a given pay per head (PPH) Shop or not.

Price per Head Free Trial, Pay per head Free Trial: Where to Get It, What's Included
Price per Head Free Trial: Where to Get It, What’s Included

The reason is because this no-charge period gives the bookmaking agent the time to test the different PPH offshore services.

Price per Head Free Trial: Where to Get It

The best place to get a Price per Head Free Trial is an overseas PPH Shop.

You want to work with an offshore Price per Head shop because this is the kind of company that can offer you high-quality services that are also affordable.

And doubtlessly, no onshore PPH operation can match the prices of its offshore equivalent.

So, it’s in the best interest of the sports betting and gaming agent to search for the better overseas PPH services provider.

Search Online, Then Call

And doing an online search is where a bookie can start looking for a Price per Head Free Trial.

Once the top bookmaker has found the right price per head shop, its time to make a phone call.

By contacting the PPH Shop over the phone, the agent can figure out who’s behind the whole operation.

And, this is of course the best time to ask for the Price per Head Free Trial.

If the PPH Shop offer the trial willingly, and even as part of the standard deal; then it means that the agent is on the right path.

On the other hand, if the person on the other side of the phone is hesitant to provide a no-charge period; it probably means that the solutions of such PPH Shop are not very good.

The Services Included in the Price per Head Free Trial

When looking for a pay per head free trial, make sure to ask what services are included.

Here are the solutions you should ask for; and expect to get as part of a sports betting and gaming service pack:

Sportsbook Software for the Bookie

Sportsbook software is the data management tool that the bookmaking agent uses to monitor all the information related to his wagering and gambling operation.

This bookie software includes a variety of reports that shows the agent all the current and past figures related to the action of players.

By looking at this information, the agent can verify what areas of his business are the most profitable; and what are the areas that are providing him the least returns.

And with that data, the bookie can focus his efforts on the most profitable areas; forgetting about the areas that don’t contribute to the growth of the sports betting and gaming operation.

Internet Betting and Call Center For Players

The Price per Head Free Trial should also allow the players of the bookie to test the wagering and gambling site.

And they should also be able to contact the call center for their action.

Internet Betting

The website the player uses to either place sports bets, or play casino games; such as PPH Poker. This is the internet betting package.

All players of all bookies can use a site that is generic.

Or it can also be a custom site that includes its own domain name and design; and most importantly, that the players of a single bookie are the only ones using it.

A casino solution can complement very well the sports bets-only standard package.

The latter option is the favorite of most bookmaking agents; and the reason is because it increases profits dramatically without involving any considerable expenditures.

Call Center

This Price per Head Free Trial should also include access to the call center for players.

For this to be the right call center solution, it should include the following:

Great Clerks

Players are expecting the best of services when they call in to get their action.

And this means that clerks should be able to process each phone call in a fast, courteous, and professional way.

A clerk that is not prepared for the wagering floor, will be faced with unhappy customers; and that can even cost the business of that client to the bookie.

So, it is paramount for clerks to be well prepared, skilled, and have the experience that can allow them to manage themselves in the best possible way when on the phone with a client.

Great Infrastructure

It is also important that the offshore facilities related to the price per head shop to be modern; and include all the necessary technology related to communications and security.

Indeed, this is the kind of overall infrastructure that only the most reputable price per head companies count with.

Making Sure

With that said, before allowing players access to these services; it’s important that the bookie be almost sure that such solutions are the ones he wants his players to continue to use; and so in this case, the Price per Head Free Trial is just part of the signing up process.

If this is not the situation, and the bookie isn’t sure if he actually wants to sign up with a given PPH Shop; then it’s not convenient to tell players about such services just yet.

Instead, during the Price per Head Free Trial, the agent can try the bookie software; and if he’s pleased with the results, he can sign up as a customer and then tell his players about it after the trial period is over.

Now, there are some PPH operations that will demand that you take the Price per Head Free Trial as part of the first month of services. Otherwise they won’t take you as a client.

If you find yourself facing this situation, try to avoid doing business with such PPH Shop; and instead find one that allows you to take the no-charge period, and at the end decide if you want to continue, or if you want to look for a different option.

The latter alternative is definitely the best one because it means that the bookie is not being forced to make a decision before testing the services first.

A bookie that’s looking for a Price per Head Free Trial, the more options you’re given, the better.