Price per Head Service and Sales Success

In most sports betting and gaming operations, the price per head service and sales departments are managed separately.

Price per Head Service and Sales Success
Price per Head Service and Sales Success

In reality, these two depts. are quite interrelated. For example, if someone at the sales dep. makes a promise that the bookmaking company is not going to able to fulfil, the price per head service reputation is harmed.

The same happens when someone at the price per head service department is not able to support a player or a gambler adequately after a sale is made.

To be able to understand the connections between price per head service and sales is vital.

Since you can get overwhelmed by the tasks related to your job as a pay per head sportsbook bookie, to communicate, and establish relationships with your clients is often overlooked.



Price per Head Service: The 5 Techniques


Here are five techniques that can help you create more rapport, and make sales a more efficient task.


Technique 1: Getting the Clients’ Attention

This may come as a bucket of cold water to you, but your clients not always pay attention to what to have to say to them.

Or, even if they are paying some attention, they don’t seem very excited about what they are hearing.

This is exactly the reason why it is so important to start a conversation that involves sales, with an attention-grabbing comment.

  • Dramatic Statement: These are statements whose goal is to surprise the other, and to also be thought-provoking.
  • Third-Party Reference: Using this method you can turn a cold sales call, into a warm one. And the best way to do this is by mentioning a mutual relationship. When you do it, you are adding instant credibility to your pitch.
  • Quoting An Industry Authority: Here, instead of quoting a third-party reference, you are quoting an industry leader.
  • Asking a Question: Starting your sales pitch with a question is a great idea because it often leads to a good conversation.

If you want to start your sales pitch with a question, you can do it about:

  • The benefits of your price per head service.
  • Recent findings related to the bookmaking and gambling industries.
  • Compelling industry stats.
  • Surprise questions.


Technique 2: Asking Questions

When you ask a question, you are basically opening a door. When you ask a person that you consider as a prospective client, a question, you are definitely inviting that individual to a conversation.

And, if you are able to listen closely, the player or gambler is going to tell you exactly what his wagering or gambling needs and concerns are.

This is exactly how you can find out more about your clients. And, when asking a question to a prospective customer of your pay per head service bookie operation, make sure to use an open-ended one.

However, if you feel that the tone of the conversation is going sideways, mainly to unproductive areas, it is necessary for you to lasso the client back on track by asking a close-ended question.

Open-ended questions: These questions start with the words:

• How.
• What.
• Where.
• Why.
• When.

Close-ended questions: These are questions that evoke one-word answers. They usually begin with the words:

• Do.
• Will.
• Can.
• Are.


Technique 3: Making Benefit Statements

As the word implies, when you make a benefit statement, you are letting the clients of your pay per head sportsbook software company know what your price per head service will do for them.

Sometimes you can fall in the trap of spending too much time telling a prospective client about the features of you sports betting and gaming solutions, and fail to go the extra mile by telling them about the BENEFITS of the features you are promoting.

A benefit statement can also help you connect better with a potential customer by showing an interest in him or her specifically.


Technique 4: Backtracking

This is a technique that comes with 2 main purposes:

  • It tells clients of your price per head service company that you have actually heard their opinions and concerns…
  • And it also gives you the chance to make sure that you are able to understand players and gamblers better.

Backtracking is also known as active listening, and it involves paraphrasing what your clients are saying, and then repeating it back to them.

This is a technique that is well appreciated by customers because it allows them to be heard and understood.


Technique 5: Bridging

Part of the challenge of selling your bookie pay per head service to players and gamblers is to possess a good balance between call efficiency, and good listening skills.

It is often the case that a prospective client can get bored with a long speech after the point has been made. This is obviously quite inefficient.

Instead, you can use bridging, which is a 3-part technique that allows you to politely take the sales conversation in the direction you find as the most appropriate.

  • Step 1, Catching their breath: Although interrupting may seem rude to you, the truth is that doing so it is often necessary during a sales conversation.

Of course, you need to be polite when you do it. So, the best way to go about it is to wait for the prospective client to take a breath. That is exactly the time when you seize the moment to make your carefully planned interruption.

  • Step 2, Showing empathy: When you interrupt the prospective customer, do so with an empathetic statement. This will help you to soften the abruptness of cutting into the conversation.
  • Step 3, Take the Lead: Once you have managed to make your empathetic interruption, you need to take the conversation in the direction you want it to go.


Bridging is definitely a great tool for you as a price per head service bookie because it allows you to move forward during a conversation when the other party is hung up on a diversion.

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