Price per Head Services Bookie: Creating A Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Creating an outstanding LinkedIn profile can be very helpful in your career as a price per head services bookie.

Price per Head Services Bookie: Creating A Powerful LinkedIn Profile
Price per Head Services Bookie: Creating A Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Indeed, it takes more than just your own word to convince prospects of joining your sports betting and gaming operation.

Taking the time to create a LinkedIn profile that grabs attention can make the difference.

This is because it allows you to do things such as showing your bookmaking skills; boosting your chances of signing up new online wagering and pph poker players.


Price per Head Services Bookie: Tips to Create your Profile


Here are some pointers that can come handy when creating your LinkedIn price per head services bookie profile:



The headline is the first area your visitors are going to view. For this reason, try to craft the best possible headline that you can come up with.

Make sure to add information that you believe can be very catchy on first sight. And do it using as few words as possible.

You also want to use active, simple language, and verbs.


Use a Current Picture

A picture speaks more than 1000 words. That is definitely a truthful statement.

And, as a price per head services bookie, you want to show yourself as someone who is successful.And who is open to business.

Doubtlessly, first impressions count. And, that’s why its best to add a new picture that presents a fresh image of yourself. As the chances of getting more prospects to visit your profile increases.


Add a Background Picture

Sure, it is recommended to use a real photo of you as your profile pic.

However, if you want to show a picture related to your price per head services bookie business, you can use the background picture area for that purpose.

That way, you are showing both who you really are, and what you’re representing.

This can be very powerful to hook prospects up because when they see your pic and your background image, they will immediately start identifying you with everything related to sports betting and pph poker.


Contact Information

Now, when it comes to your private info, you have two options:

  • Adding your full real info
  • Using secure contact data

Using your real information is Ok. The problem is that your safety gets a bit compromised.

So, we recommend you the second option: using private contact data.
Remember that your personal contact details and your professional ones doesn’t have to match.

For this reason, you can opt for having a separate phone number and email address.

Which you’re going to use exclusively to get prospective clients of your price per head services bookie company to get in touch with you.

Not only is this advantageous in terms of privacy. But it’s also great because you can make a distinction between phone calls and emails that are personal; and those that are coming from prospects.


Short, Direct Description

Your headline is located at the very top and its shorter. Your description allows you to expand further on the information shown above.

For example, A prospective customer of your bookmaking software and casino business visits your LinkedIn profile.

The first thing the person sees is your headline, and if interested, she will be hungry for more info.

So, when you show information on your description that complements your headline, you are increasing the possibilities of getting someone to contact you directly.

And that is definitely a great way to get conversions for your price per head services bookie operation.


Customize URL

A URL full of numbers really doesn’t tell you anything. It doesn’t help to describe you as a price per head services bookie. Instead, it makes it more difficult and confusing for prospects to find you.
For that reason, you must customize your LinkedIn public profile URL so that it is not only easier for you to find it; but also for google and bing to show you at the top of their SERPs.

So, when customizing your URL, have in mind what you did with your headline: add as much information in as fewest words as possible.

The shorter and more concise the info on your public URL, the more legitimate you appear to both prospective clients and the search engines.


Show Your Skills

As a top bookmaker and casino solutions provider, you want to show that you’re qualified for the job.
Sure you’re working with an offshore pay per head sportsbook software provider; and that allows you to forget about running major tasks.

However, you still need to present yourself as a professional sports betting and pph poker agent.

And the reason is because this will grant you the validation that you need to continue to grow.


Join Groups

Just like with Facebook, joining LinkedIn groups can be very positive for your exposure. When you join a group, you’re interacting with like-minded people.

And this gives you the advantage of getting closer to individuals that can become direct clients. Or people that can become part of your network, and whom can bring you customers in the future.

With that said, it is important that you, as a price per head services bookie, join only groups that are related to the interests of your prospects.

Sure, you must join groups related to your industry. But it’s important not to forget that your prospective customers, just like anybody else, like certain things more than others.

And what’s best, it seems that most sports betting players and casino gamblers appear to have a taste for the same variety of things.
Note: You are allowed to join as many as 50 LinkedIn groups.


Stay Active

In order to obtain the best results on LinkedIn, you need to remain active. This means that as soon as your profile is complete, make sure to check it, and update it with fresh stuff on a regular basis.

This has two advantages:

  • New visitors will only see your most recent activity.
  • Old visitors will see that you are a top bookmaker that is always active. Which shows that you’re concerned about presenting the best image of your bookmaking and pph poker company.


So, try to make your LinkedIn profile as attractive as you can, and remain as active as possible. This will definitely increase your exposure as a price per head services bookie on this important social media site.


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