Price per Head Services: The Client is Right; Keeping Customers Satisfied

Before you get started with your Price per Head Services startup company, always remember that: the customer is always right, even

if they’re wrong.

Here’s some info on why the client is always right and ideas on how to keep customers satisfied.


Price per Head Services: No Clients, No Business


If you have no players, you have no Price per Head Services business to run. Since you are working with an offshore Bookie Solutions provider, the number of customers that you can handle is unlimited.

Although this means that the PPH shop can run many core aspects of a bookie operation, you should still try to keep an eye on the overall sports betting business in order to make sure that everything’s running smoothly and that everybody’s satisfied.


The Client is Always Right

It is true that clients are NOT always right, but for business purposes they always are because, at the end, they are the ones paying you for your bookmaking Price per Head Services.

This famous saying is fully tied to customer attention because there is nothing worst for a business than client dissatisfaction.

If a given client tells you that you are wrong, you of course have the right to defend your personal beliefs, but you might end up losing a customer and also the profits you were obtaining from his or her betting action.

It is also important to consider the type of clients you have on your agent Price per Head Services portfolio and their actual demands.

For example, if you have a client that is not very profitable and likes to complain all the time, then you probably are in front of a case where you can actually decide to keep the client or letting him or her go.

On the other hand, if you have a client that is kind of demanding, but the profits he or she is leaving in your pockets are responsible for your latest Caribbean cruise, then you might be right about having some extra patience with them.


Staying Close

Sure, many players just want to get their sports betting action, that’s it; and that is great. But remember that there is other set of customers that might require some more personalized attention in order to make them feel that their action is wanted and the owner of the bookie Price per Head Services operation is always willing to listen.

The key will reside in identifying one set of clients from the other  in order to provide a more assertive and accurate set of agent Pay per Head Solutions based on what each set of players want and need.


Be Friendly

Apart from staying close to the clients of your bookie Price per Head Services operation, you also want to be friendly.

When you stay close to your players and also manage to bring a sense of friendship to the provider-client relationship, you are certainly on the right path to remain a successful bookie entrepreneur for a long time.


Encourage Betting Action

There will be times while running your Price per Head Services business when you will notice that things are running slow, and if that is the case, make some phone calls or send some emails to inactive clients in order to try to encourage them to start placing some bets again.

Since you also count with casino services, you can, for example, offer some free chips with no strings attached. Chances are that when an inactive client visits the online casino area, he or she might be interested in placing some sports bets also.

This is just a quick idea on how you can get people to become active again, but we’re sure that you, as a bookie professional, can come up with a set of your very own ways to get your players back.

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