Price per Head Services Site: Working on Readability

The content of your bookie price per head services site must definitely be plentiful for the web crawlers, but it also needs to be price-per-head-services-site-working-readabilityaccessible for your visitors. Here are some useful tips that can help you improve readability.


Price per Head Services Site: Using a Spell Checker


The text that you write for your price per head services website must be as clear as possible.

A spelling checker can really turn into your most useful tool because it allows you to catch grammatical errors in an easier way than if you were to check the text yourself manually.

Note: Even though a good spell checker can point out obvious errors, it is always good if you still proofread what you wrote.

This is because it gives you a chance to check on phrases that might need some improvement related to the way in which they were structured.


Smaller Chunks

It is also a great idea if you avoid writing very large chunks of text on the pages of your bookmaking pay per head solutions site because they are considered hard to read and most people won’t even take the time to do it.

Your best bet is to write small paragraphs of a maximum of five lines so readers won’t have a problem tracking the overall idea of what’s written.



Forget about writing about “the thing”; instead, call your offerings by their own name.

When you make it clear what you are actually writing about, you prevent visitors to get confused and it is also great to get a better position in the search engine results pages (SERPs) related to a given keyword phrase.



If you are to use acronyms, make sure that readers can actually identify what they mean.

For this purpose, you can, for example, write the full phrase followed by the acronym in parentheses the first time that is mentioned on a given page of your price per head services site.

You can then write only the acronym without the full phrases on the rest of the text.

Although there is no search engine optimization (SEO) value on using an acronymHTML tag, you can use this system to let visitors know what the acronym means when they hove the mouse over the given word with such tag on it.


White Space and Margins

Some empty space and margins around what you write is quite positive because it gives readers the impression that it is less text to read. In other words, it seems more digestible.

Also, make use of some images within the page in order to achieve the same goal. You must truly avoid giving a cluttered look to the pages of your price per head services site.


Readable Fonts

Sans-serif fonts such as Verdana or Arial are considered by many to be amongst the most readable typefaces.

Remember this: it is advisable to use standard fonts on your price per head services site because if you are using a special font, chances are that some of your readers might not have those same fonts installed on their computers.


Backgrounds and Colors

When it comes to text, the most readable is doubtless black on a white background. You can surely pick your own font and background color, but make sure that you’re careful when doing so.

Your best bet is to use dark fonts on a light-color background in order to provide visitors with the best possible readability experience.

If you decide to do the opposite and use a dark background with light-colored fonts, make sure that you don’t do it on your entire price per head services website.

This is because this mixture is considered by experts as difficult to read and people might also have problems printing such pages.

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