Price per Head Services: Targeting International Players

Let’s say that you have decided to go international with your bookie Price per Head Services business. There are certain challenges price-per-head-services-targeting-international-playersthat you must consider if you really want your website to produce the best results.


Price per Head Services: Browsers


The first thing that you need to take into consideration is browsers. Not everybody uses Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, so when designing your international bookmaking Services site, make sure that you tailor it for the particular browsers which are most popular on the region of the world that you are planning to target.



A good international Price per Head Services website should also count with valid code. This allows you to add the W3 tag on your main page, which brings even more credibility to your web portal.

In order to test your pages for validation, you can use the validator available at the World Wide Web Consortium site.



When targeting international markets, you need to be aware of the fact that not everybody deals with dollars on a regular basis.

For this reason, you need to make the prices of your Price per Head Services business available in a variety of currencies, for example the Euro and the Japanese yen.

This way, when a player from a given country visits your site and sees that you have prices on his currency, this factor will make your sports betting operation more familiar to the eyes of such a prospective customer, which will help you to get a new conversion more easily.

Alternatively, you can also add a special currency converter gadget to the main page of your Price per Head Services site in order to make it easier for people to check on the current exchange rates.



Since English is the universal tongue by excellence, that is definitely the main language that you should use for your Price per Head Services website.

You can also create versions of your site in other languages, such as Spanish and Chinese in order to be able to target those markets.

In order to create translated versions we truly recommend you to get some local input. This means that it is better to get a native speaker to give you a hand when creating this type of Price per Head Services site than to rely solely on translation software (no matter how expensive or professional).

Also, make sure to use neutral words for sites that are written in different languages. This is because, for example, in Spanish, what can be an innocent word in a country can also have a different type of meaning in another.



Although your goal should be to deliver the same message on all sites that you develop in a variety of languages, the design doesn’t necessarily have to be the same.

You can study the visual culture of the country that you are currently targeting and create the design of your Price per Head Services website accordingly.


Here are a few examples:

In Korea and Japan, a site with a lot of bright colors and links will definitely work better than one that contains almost zero links and with grayish tones on it.

On the other hand, in a country like England, a Price per Head Services site that is super busy and with a lot of bright tones can be considered unprofessional.



When adding keywords to your international Price per Head Services site, make sure that you do your keyword research in the language of the targeted country.

In this case it is also better to use the help of a native speaker so he or she can tell you how to write correctly your desired keyword terms.

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