Price per Head Services Site: Tips for Your SEO Structure

If your goal is to have a Price per Head Services site with the best possible SEO (search engine optimization) structure, then some of price-per-head-services-tips-seo-structurethe main tasks at hand for you are to count with the right subject themes, optimize your link equity and maintain your silos properly.


Price per Head Services Site: Subject Themes and Silos


When we refer to subject themes for your Bookie Services site, we are talking about choosing the right ones in order to implement them into a silo structure.

Once you have chosen your themes, you need to decide whether you want to apply physical or virtual siloing on your Price per Head Services site.

Physical Silos: When you work with this type of siloing, you are creating relationships between the pages of your Pay per Head Solutions site by using directory structure.

This means that you are actually grouping like-content in one directory and linking the pages within that group together.

If you decide to go for this option, you must have a minimum of 5 pages of content to support the subject theme such group is addressing.

Virtual Silos: Using this kind of siloing means that you are creating the themes of your Price per Head Services site using links.

This means that the physical location of the pages of your Bookie Solutions site is not relevant because the pages that are in relation to each other are not precisely located in the same directory.

In other words, you are creating your subject theme based just on links rather than on a physical structure.


Link Equity Optimization

A big part of how Google and other top search engines rank your Price per Head Services site is the measurement of link equity.

To put it in simple words, the more links, the more expert your Sportsbook Solutions site appears to the web crawlers.

Both inbound and outbound links are of great importance; let’s see why:

Inbound Links: The more websites have hyperlinks to your Price per Head Services site, the better your rankings will be, especially when they are coming from sites that are relevant to the information that you offer.

Outbound Links: Linking to external websites is crucial to obtain good results when it comes to your PageRank because it gives you an image of respectability.

When you point to other websites, it makes you look like you have a degree of expertise on a given subject.

In fact, when you link to relevant sites, some of them might even want to link back to you, and this is great because those websites are telling the search engines that they consider you an expert as well.

Note: Try not to give too much link equity to the same external page by adding the same link on different pages of your Price per Head Services site. Instead, add a single one on the most relevant page.


Creation and Maintenance of Silos

In order to have better silos, we recommend you to follow these steps:

  1. Have a clear idea of what your main subject themes are because these will become your top silos.
  2. Identify the sub-pages of each silo.
  3. You also need to select the keywords for each page. The broader terms should be applied to your main subject themes and the more specialized (long-tail) should be used on your sub-pages.
  4. Once the pages of your Price per Head Services site are organized, you can finally start linking to them.

It is also important to know that there are actually 3 different kinds of pages within the silos of your Bookie Solutions site:

Landing Pages: The ones you want your visitors to check first, these are the pages that contain your main subject themes.

Sub-Pages: These are the supporting pages for your landing pages. As explained above, it is crucial to have at least five sub-pages to support a main subject theme.

Actually, these can turn into landing pages all by themselves if they have enough relevant info of their own.

Article Pages: These can be classified as sub-pages. They usually have a lot of textual content and are great to add your keywords.

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