Price per Head Services Site Tips: Types of Demographics

If you’ve been running your bookie price per head services site for a while but are still not sure who your targeted audience is, thenprice-per-head-services-tips-types-demographics the best way to find out is to verify some key data related to your visitors and also to your current clients.

Ask yourself: what do you really know about the people that are already on your customers list? Here is some info on types of demographics that will help you to become a more successful profiler.


Price per Head Services Site: Types of Demographics:



Do you have more males or more female players on your bookmaking portfolio? Or it is a more or less even number?

If you have a significant number of male clients and just a couple of female ones then it is in your best interest to add more content on your price per head services site which is intended for men.

Of course it is important that you’ll still upload material that can also be considered interesting by the opposite sex, but do it on a less regular basis.



Even though it is clear that players should be 18 years of age or older in order to gamble, it is good to figure out if the majority of your customers fall into a single age group.

It might be the case that you have more thirty-somethings or more college students.

Figuring this out can also give you an idea of the kind of content you should be considering to add to the pages of your price per head services site.



Where are your clients from? Are you dealing with locals mostly? Or it might also be the case that thanks to your pay per head solutions website you are now dealing with players from different areas of the country and even overseas.

Depending on your particular case, it is probably a good idea to include your price per head services site on local search engines and even put some money on some local ads.

This is what is known as geotargeting, which is considered an important ranking factor nowadays.



Although all of your clients have in common that they love to place sports wagers or play some casino games, it doesn’t mean that gambling is their full time profession.

If you can figure out what the majority of your customers do for a living, then you can also filter your content even more to be more specific to the wants and needs of your targeted audience.


Marital Status

When someone new is added to your mailing list, you can add an optional box where you can ask for the person’s marital status. This will also help you to have a better idea of the kind of content that you must create.

By default you should upload material that is intended for singles, but if you figure out that there are a significant number of married couples, you can also create stuff that will keep such people coming to your price per head services site for more.



Are you a bookie that has high-profile players? Or are your clients more the average type? If you prefer to deal with wealthy people, then you should include info related to an affluent lifestyle.

On the other hand, if your customers are mostly average joes whom just enjoy to bet from time to time and are not big spenders, then you can opt for uploading content that goes more accordingly to their personalities.

This also goes for promotions that you create on your price per head services website: if your clients are mostly rich people, then you should take some financial calculated risks and create promos that will get them to play with you.

Chances are that you probably have some wealthy players and also some average ones, so try to create future content with the intention of getting as much prospective and current clients as you can to check it out.

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