Price per Head Services Tips: Understanding Web Metrics

When running a Price per Head Services site, a big part of your SEO (search engine optimization) job is web metrics.price-per-head-services-tips-web-metrics

Although this area carries some complexity, it is important that you acknowledge it in order to decide if this is something you want to work on by yourself or if you want to hire an expert to lend you a hand.


Price per Head Services: What are Web Analytics Metrics?


When we refer to web analytics metrics, we are talking about taking researching data, looking at it and finding out what it means in order to get that info and use it for the benefit of your Bookie Services website.

It is the measurement of what is going on the web itself. It strongly focuses on the types and numbers of browsers (people) that visits the internet, plus other things such as dial-up vs. broadband connections, the kinds of advertisements and who is advertising and all things related to the web overall.


Tracking Web Metrics

There are actually 4 ways to keep track of web analytics information: People, Hits, Responsiveness and Commerce, and some companies are kings on these particular niches.

The 3 first web metrics are the ones that you should focus on. The fourth one not so much because bookies don’t need sites that sells products (just like Amazon).

Instead, you want a site that is full of well optimized information about the Price per Head Services that you offer.

Let’s check out some useful information on your web metrics of interest and the top companies that can provide you with the info that you need in order to improve the overall experience of your bookmaking website.


People: Comscore and Nielsen Online

These companies utilize large panels of browsers whom they follow during the time they are researching the web as part of their day-to-day activities.

Based on such information, Comscore and Nielsen Online creates reports about what are the most popular Price per Head Services websites, and it can provide you with great data on your competition, including a comparative analysis.


Hits: Hitwise

Hitwise is a company that is dedicated to check on the number of hits on ISPs or Internet service providers.

This particular firm’s job is to keep an eye on all the people browsing the web, most of them unidentified, in order to figure out how they research data for what they need, including Price per Head Services.


Responsiveness: Keynote

Keynote is a web metrics firm that is dedicated to watch for the responsiveness of sites that are popular, including those in the area of bookie Price per Head Services.

The company provides clients with data about how different websites are able to hold up during regular or massive traffic.

This allows webmasters to verify if their sites are fast when is most needed, or if they present a lagging response time to users.

Indeed, this is quite an important web metric to keep an eye on because you, as a bookie that owns a Price per Head Services website, want visitors to have a good experience when they visit your site.

This is because when people visit a website, they want a dynamic response. Otherwise they will just hit the back button and return to the search engine in order to look up for another site that is better optimized.


We encourage you to visit the aforementioned websites and contact their representatives in order to obtain more in-deep information about what they can do for your particular Price per Head Services site.

We are sure that once you have embraced the concept of web metrics, you will realize how necessary it actually is in order to help your business grow.

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