Price per Head Services: Working with To-Do Lists

Although you are using Price per Head Services to run your bookie operation properly, there are likely a lot of things that you need to price-per-head-services-working-to-do-listsdo on a daily basis related to your professional duties, and it is vital that you count with a plan that allows you to keep track of everything in order to stay in control of your to-do list.


Price per Head Services: A Simple Technique


Efficiency expert Ivy Lee provided us with a great, yet simple technique that we can use to manage daily tasks, and it is comprised of 3 elements:

When your working day is over, write down 6 things you really want to accomplish the next day related to your bookie Price per Head Services operation.

Create the list in order of importance, with the most relevant task at the very top.

The following day, start working out your list. Once you are done with one of the items, continue with the next one and so on until you’re done.

Some people see Lee’s technique as the birth of the contemporary to-do-list.


Main Benefits

To keep a to-do list has a great deal of benefits such as:

  • Staying Focused on what are currently doing.
  • Remembering what you must do related to your Pay per Head Solutions operation and when is the time to do it.
  • Remaining productive and motivated.
  • Reducing stress.


Keep Focused

A to-do list allows a person to remain focused in 2 main ways:

The first one is when you complete a task for your bookmaking business. After doing so, you immediately turn your attention to your to-do list in order to see what it must be then afterwards.

This simple process prevents you from wasting valuable mental energy and time recalling what you need to accomplish during a given day. Indeed, writing down your tasks on a list allows you to make choices beforehand that can save you time.

The second one: when you create a to-do list, your mind actually wanders less while you are executing a task for your Price per Head Services operation because you already know what needs to be done, and you have even written those things down. This reinforces your capacity to remain focused and with your full attention on the task at hand.

Once you have formed a plan, your unconscious basically stops bothering your conscious mind with reminders. This means that the to-do list acts like a memory bank. Once you have created a to-do list, you really stop thinking about the things that you need to accomplish, because in a sense, by writing those things down, you already took care of them (at a mental level).


Steps to Create Lists

Now, there is a certain way to create to-do lists that will allow you to complete all the items in the list. Just follow these 3 steps to create your own lists:

Capture Tasks: Sometimes you might remember a task for tomorrow at an awkward time during the day, even in the middle of the night or just when doing some random brainstorming, which is why it is important that you count with a system that allows you to capture tasks. For example, you can carry a notepad with you at all times, or you can make use a notepad-like application for your smartphone. The important thing is to capture tasks as soon as you have them in mind.

Filter your List and Prioritize: Once you’re working with a task capture system, you need to filter yours tasks by order of importance and relevance. For example, there might be things on your list that are urgent related to your Price per Head Services business and must be done ASAP while others can become part of a future project.

In order to help you find out which tasks have priority over others, you can use the Eisenhower Matrix, which allows you to group your tasks in the following groups:

  • Urgent and Important
  • Urgent but not important
  • Important but not Urgent
  • Neither Important nor urgent

Time Limit: When you’re working on a task related to your Price per Head Services operation, you need to set up a time to complete it. This of course allows you to remain even more focused on your task since you know that there is a time limit to get it done. In fact, if you fail to add times for your tasks, it will take you longer to accomplish them.

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