Price per Head Software And Other Top Bookie Services

Price per Head Software is the tool bookies use to manage their sports betting and gaming operation.

Price per Head Software And Other Top Bookie Services
Price per Head Software And Other Top Bookie Services

This sportsbook software is part of the PPH offshore services package offered by reputable Pay per Head companies.


Price per Head Software: A Safe Choice for the Bookie

If you’re a bookie, counting with Price per Head Software is a safe choice.

The reason is because this is a tool that includes everything that you may possibly need to run your operation.

And, you really don’t have to overpay for these services.

In fact, the best PPH Shops offer great weekly fees because they want to attract as many clients as possible.

And, there’s no need to worry because you and your clients will be more than pleased with the services.

That’s because by operating from an overseas country, the Pay per Head company is able to save in overhead costs.

And then, the cash that’s saved is re-invested in the best technology and skilled personnel.

This guarantees that the money you pay to the PPH Shop for its solutions is totally worth it.


Price per Head Software And Player Services

When you become a member of a top Pay per Head company, you’ll get services for yourself; and also for your players. These are those solutions:

  • Price per Head Software
  • Sports Betting Website and Online Casino
  • Call Center Wagering


Price per Head Software

Price per Head Software is the tool that you can use to manage everything related to your sports betting and gaming operation.

This bookie software includes a lot of reports that you can customize to see only the information you want to see.

Such reports are varied. And they provide you with data related to the action of your players.

You can also use some of these reports to manage other aspects of your operation, such as sub-agents.

Now, since this is an online tool, you can use it directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

This means that you can pretty much run your business from any place.

And, if one of the main goals of your bookie career is to have more free time; then this is definitely a factor to consider.


Sports Betting Website and Online Casino

A top Price per Head Software company also provides services for players. This includes a sports betting website and online casino.

This is the most popular Pay per Head service. And the one that can really help you gain an advantage over your local competitors.

The reason is because by counting with a bookmaking and gambling website; you can allow your players to take their action online.

This means that you won’t have to process a phone bet in your life again.

And it also means that you will be able to compete directly with the large online sportsbooks and casinos!

This is true of this PPH service because the wagering software, and the casino games provided; are of the same quality than those offered by the big names in the industry.


An Extra Advantage

Now, working with a sports betting and gaming website from a PPH Shop comes with an extra advantage:

Players don’t have to process any sort credit card information online!

This means that as a PPH bookie, you can offer more security. And this is certainly a factor that players appreciate.

Doubtlessly, this can turn into a powerful marketing tool that can help you acquire new clients in an easier way.


The Sportsbook Site

When you sign up with a Price per Head Software company, your players will get access to a site where they can place wagers on sports and horse races.

This is the standard solution offered by the PPH company. And it includes a website that is used by other bookies and their players.

This service works great, but you can also opt for taking things a step beyond by getting a custom website.

A customized site includes its own domain name and the web design of your preference.

This means that you will count with a site that is fully personalized. And that is also going to be used only by your players.


The Online Casino

You can also get access to a full casino that includes the most popular games, such as PPH Poker.

This is an extra Pay per Head service; which means that you need to request it apart from the standard solutions offered by the PPH Shop.

And needless to say, this is another outstanding marketing tool that can help you acquire more clients!


Call Center Wagering

Last but not least, when you sign up with a Price per Head Software company, your clients will get full access to an offshore call center.

This is a solution that remains widely popular. And it’s the perfect complement to your wagering and gambling site.

This calling service allows your players to get their action over the phone, schedule-free.

In other words: your clients can place bets on sports or horses at any time of the day, any day of the year.

Now, to get the best call center solutions, you need to sign up with a PPH Shop that’s located overseas.

If the country is Costa Rica, you’ve probably found the right Pay per Head company.

This is because this is a country that’s currently home to the top names in the industry.

This means that this is a nation that counts with the right human talent.

And also the affordable, high-end technology that a PPH Shop needs to offer you and your players the best possible services.


Your Own Toll Free Number

Counting with your own toll free number is a great feature attached to this particular service.

This means that by signing up with a Price per Head Software company, you will get a personal 1-800 number.

This is a phone line that is only going to be accessible for your own players.

And, this is really a solution you want to count with because it makes your operation look even more professional.


Considering the information above, getting the best Price per Head Software services is definitely what you need to run a successful operation.

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