Price per Head Sportsbook: Search Engines’ Top Link Signals

Links are a signal of how popular or trustworthy a Price per Head Sportsbook website is.price-per-head-sportsbook-search-engines-top-link-signals

Although it is impossible to know the entire link attributes measured by the top search engines, SEO (search engine optimization) experts have come up with clearly accurate assumptions about factors that are directly related to link value.


Price per Head Sportsbook: Global Popularity


The more popular and relevant a website is, the more importance the links from that site have.

There are many websites that are considered trustworthy by people in general, such as Wikipedia, which has thousands of diverse websites that are linking to it.

If you really want your Price per Head Sportsbook site to earn authority with Google and Bing (which also provides results to Yahoo) you will definitely need the help of trustful link partners.


Topic-Focused Popularity

Links that are topic-focused definitely matter most than links that are off-topic (although these are also good if they have authority).

For you, who own a Price per Head Sportsbook site, it is better to get links from trustful websites related to the gambling community than to get links from a website that sells shoes, for example.


Anchor Text

A great sign of trust for the search engines when it comes to rankings is anchor text.

When you’re in the process of contacting the webmasters of websites which you would like to link-partner with, make it clear about the keywords that you want included in the anchor text.

If you can get a good number of links with the right keyword term pointing to a page of your bookie website which is based on the same keyword, then such page has some good chances of getting a good position in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for such term.



It is considered that as much as 60% of the internet’s content is spam, and this is the main reason why the search engines have made an effort in order to try to weed out such content, which is unnecessary and irrelevant.

A big part of the engines algorithm is said to be based on measuring trust, so trying to get links for your Price per Head Sportsbook website from trusted domains such as government sites, colleges and even non-profits is definitely worth your time.



The fresher your Price per Head Sportsbook website is the better. If you manage to keep your site fresh and relevant, you will increase your chances of getting authority sites to link back to you.

On the other hand, if you let the content of your site to go stale, chances are that you will fail to earn new links and your popularity with the search engines will likely decrease.


Link neighborhood

Just you as you ask for links to other webmasters for your own Price per Head Sportsbook web portal, there might be others out there interested in getting a link to their site on yours.

Before you say yes to any requests, make sure that you won’t be linking back to a spammy site because this can give your Price per Head Services site a bad reputation with the top engines.

Google and Bing both measure the totality of links as a group, and if they realize that your website exists in a bad link neighborhood, then you are likely to get penalized.

The same goes the other way: make sure to be quite selective when you try to earn links from other sites. If the site that you are considering has a good reputation and doesn’t look spammy, then go for it.


Social Sharing

Although the top engines doesn’t see shared links as they see other types of links, the former are nonetheless important.

It is difficult to know how the engines check social link signals, but it is true that the popularity of the source that is sharing your content, such as an influencer, is quite relevant.

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