Promote your Bookie Blog Using Pinterest

A bookie should get creative when it comes to promote his price per head blog, and since an image can say more than a thousand promote-bookie-blog-pinterestwords, Pinterest is an excellent way to diversify marketing efforts.

The aforementioned site is currently the third most popular social media website on the internet, and here are some steps you might want to consider when promoting yourself on Pinterest.


Bookie Blog: Optimize Your Account


  1. ‘Pins’ are the equivalent of ‘Shares’ on Facebook, and for that reason, your aim should be to make it possible for people to find your pins when they are looking for specific content.


  1. You also need to write a nice description concerning your pay per head services on the About section and also include your top keywords as hashtags and your URL there.


  1. Using an engaging profile picture can really make the difference and for that reason you must consider to create your own logo in order to appear more professional to possible clients.


  1. Don’t forget to place the boards that you just updated at the top of your profile page in order to give them priority over older content. In order to do this, just click on the ‘edit profile’ button located in the middle of your profile screen and then you can just rearrange your boards by dragging them around.


Put URL’s Linking to Your Site on Every New Pin

Every time that you publish a new pin, it is key that you add a URL pointing to your website in order to make it possible for people that is watching your Pinterest content to become visitors of your blog.

There are two ways of doing this:

  • Make a post with pictures that you consider might be attractive to possible new clients for your bookie business and once you have published your post, simply click the ‘Pin it’ button below the post to share it.
  • You can also upload your pictures directly to Pinterest and add the URL to the pic yourself.


Add Accurate Picture Descriptions

Make sure that you will add an accurate description of the pictures that you are promoting. Try to get the concept of the picture and what you want to say in just a few words. The shorter the description is the better.


Get the Help Of A Graphic Designer

If you have some extra budget that you can use, you can hire a good graphic designer and get him to create a few fun and inspirational 100% original pictures to which you can also add watermarks to safeguard your intellectual property.

Those pictures don’t have to be necessarily related to the bookmaking or betting industries, and because of that, you can give the designer you hire creative freedom in order to expand your options of getting in return a product that will be eye-catching and easy to promote on Pinterest.


Go Beyond Just Using Pictures

Although Pinterest is focused on images, you can also use this incredibly useful tool to promote the written content that you upload in your bookie blog. The only thing that you have to do is to add a descriptive picture related to the article you wrote, and then you can just pin the post as you would normally do.


Re-Pin the Content of Others

If you want to make it easier for you to become part of the Pinterest community in order to get the attention the targeted audience for your bookie business, your best bet is to re-pin the content others publish.

By doing this, you are giving your approval to the stuff others consider relevant and that attitude will certainly lead you to get your own content re-pinned more often.


Share Your Pins on Facebook

It is also quite important that you share your Pinterest content on Facebook, and in order to do it automatically, you just need to go to settings and under ‘Social Networks’, turn on the option that reads “Publish activity to Facebook timeline.”

By doing this, all of your pins and also yours repins will be posted to Facebook, so before using this option, consider if this fits your business needs as if you want to share only certain content on Facebook, you must turn the aforementioned settings option off and share the content directly from the post itself.

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