Promoting Your Bookie Blog: Why Social Media Matters

Although some pay per head agents prefer to use advertising methods such as web banners to promote their bookie blog, the truth is promoting-bookie-blog-social-mediathat making use of social media sites is also necessary to generate free word of mouth marketing and rank better in search engines.


Bookie Blog: Social Media and SEO


Although search engine robots have taken social media content in consideration for some time in relationship to SEO, it is clear that after the recent updates by Google, brand mentions and the proper use of keywords such as “bookmaking” on sites such as Facebook or Twitter can definitely have an impact on helping robots to identify the high-quality content from your price per head bookie blog.


Spreading the Word

When you create content that you know players are going to enjoy, you are making it easier for you to get your social media updates liked by more and more people that can turn into possible customers in the future.               When you create a new post on your bookie blog, don’t forget about sharing it on social media sites using the help of a tool such as


Track your Referral Links

By using another incredibly useful tool such as google analytics, you have the chance of tracking the traffic coming to your bookie blog from different social media sites. This is certainly quite helpful as it will help you to know on which sites you need to increase you activity in order to generate a positive impact in the number of visitors you get.


Use Social Ads

Using Facebook ads will doubtless help you get more visitors to your Facebook page or bookie blog, and what’s more important, new visits related to those social ads will probably be from potential clients because when you create your ad, you have the opportunity of using demographics to be visible only to the kind of users you believe you can possibly turn into clients.

For example, if you want to reach out to people that you think might be bettors, you can set your ad to appear to people 21 years or older.


Drive Sells

If you use special strategies such as offering free sports betting advice to people that share your content with their friends, you are likely to increase your possibilities of sealing a business deal. The better your offer is, the more chances of users hitting the “share” button.

Combining Social Media with your Email Newsletters

If you are using a tool such as mailchimp to send updates from your bookie blog to your clients, you can also consider inviting those in your mailing list to become friends on either Facebook or Twitter.

You can also send special newsletters when you’re planning on running any special promotion or contest on any given social media site in order to get people in your mailing list to invite others to participate, allowing you to have the option of getting more “fans” for your Facebook page.


Find, Keep and Finally Convert

If you are just starting to promote your bookie blog in social media sites and you are still not getting the results that you were expecting, just be patient as it is all a process.

First you need to find the kind of people that can turn into players for your betting portfolio. Then you need to be engaging enough to be able to keep that people as friends who enjoy the content that you share on different social networking sites.

Finally, if you’ve been doing things the right way, you will the option of converting those online contacts into actual customers.

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