Researching Link Building Sites for your Bookie Website

Once you get to understand the real importance of links for your price per head bookie website, then it is time to start researching forresearching-link-building-bookie-website the right kind of sites you want to get links from.


Bookie Website: Know your Competition


In order to search for the kind of sites that you want to do link building with for your pay per head bookie website, it is essential that you start by looking at which websites are linking to your competition, which are the ones that actually outranks you on Google for a specific search phrase.

If you manage to get the same sites that are linking to your direct competitors to link to your bookmaking website, you will really improve your chances of outranking the sites in the top positions on Google.

In order to get started with you research, you need to type your keyword term on Google and then copy the name of the URL that is at the top position (you can do the same for the top five spots of page number one of results). Once you have identified the main site (s), then you can try the following:


Google Search

Go to Google and type this: Link: and then press enter. Then, you need to replace “nameofcompetitor” with the name of the website that you previously identified as the number one ranked site according to your search phrase.

What you will get is a series of websites that are directly linking to your competition. The only negative factor about using this system is that you really won’t know which sites are more relevant than others, but it will certainly help you know which websites you actually need to be targeting from now on.



Go to Alexa and type the name of the website that you are currently researching. This outstanding tool can be utilize to measure how popular a site is based on the web browsing done by the people that have previously downloaded the famous Alexa toolbar.

Since not all online users utilize the Alexa toolbar, the information sent back after a search might not be 100% accurate but it does give you a series of additional sites that you can start targeting.

Once you have the search results in front of your screen, you will see that each site has different options listed next to it. The option that is located to the right of the site’s thumbnail image says “Sites Linking In,” and when you click on it, the results will show you a list of websites which Alexa currently identifies as sites which are linking to the one that you are currently researching. This is the list that you can use for your link-building campaign.


Web SEO Tools

By using a competent online SEO tool you can create a list of websites that are linking to your competition, plus you can get other kind of relevant information such as the Page Rank of the site, its page title, etc. There are a number of good tools out there but unfortunately to get access to the features that you need to use, you must pay for a membership, so, we truly recommend you that you compare and ask SEO pros on web forums for example, which ones are the ones that they are currently using.

The advantage of using a reliable SEO tool is that within seconds you will get the information that you actually want without having to do any manual research by yourself.

Indeed to know things such as the domain age and the Google PR of a page can help you identify the top sites that you need to target, so the cash that you’re paying for the tool is certainly worth the price.

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