SEO Glossary for your Bookie Website Optimization Efforts

Getting yourself a copy of superior custom bookie software is certainly the first step in order to start offering your clients first-classseo-glossary-bookie-website-optimization price per head services.

But in order to hit the online market properly, you need to start your own bookie website, and in order to be successful at getting the kind of relevant traffic that will lead to close some business deals, you need to make use of optimization.


Bookie Website: SEO Glossary


It is in your best interest as the webmaster of your site to be familiar with SEO definitions, which is why we have put together a useful glossary that will help you along the way.

Anchor Text: this is the text that goes along with a link. It is an essential part of SEO because when you have a considerable number of incoming links with the proper anchor text, you are telling Google that your site is relevant to a given keyword search.

Backlinks (also called Inbound Links): This is simply a link from a given site that points to your bookie website. When you ask webmasters to link to you, always remember to provide them with the proper anchor text.

Black Hat: This is a term that refers to improper methods of optimizing websites. Try to avoid black hat SEO techniques on your bookmaking website at all costs if you want to prevent getting penalized by Google.

Browser: There are two types of browsers. One is the person that surfs the web for information and the second one is the internet browser, which is the tool that is utilized to grant the “browser” access to the World Wide Web.

Domain Name: This is the name is that assigned to a specific site. The top domain names are those which ends with .com and the second ones in importance are those that ends with .net.

HTML: This acronym stands for hypertext markup language, and it refers to the coded format that is utilized for creating hypertext docs on the internet.

Header Tag: This is an HTML tag that is used to create web page headers.

Hit: When a browser visits your bookie website, your site receives a number of hits. One hit is for the page and an additional one for every graphic present on the page. Although hits are important, they are not fully accurate when it comes to measure the popularity of a given site.

Keyword: this is a single word or a phrase that is used by a person to do a search on Google. When a search takes place, Google returns pages that include the searched keyword.

Keyword Density: These are keywords which are measured as a percentage of the total of text words contained on a given web page.

Keyword Stuffing: This is a black hat SEO technique that can definitely get your bookie website penalized. It refers to the practice of adding excessive keywords to a page with the aim of getting your site to rank high on Google. It is common for black hat practitioners to make keywords the same color as the page background of their sites in order to make the keywords invisible to visitors but visible to the Google spider.

PageRank: This is a tool used by Google to measure the popularity of a given site. It is in part calculated by the number and quality of links pointing to a given site and which are located on other websites.

Web Crawler: Also known as a spider, this is a program that visits websites and downloads key data that helps Google to select the sites that are more relevant to a person’s search based on Google own search algorithms.

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