Social Media Tips for the Bookie

Ok, so you are already using bookie software and have created your own website, so now it’s time to start marketing yourself using social-media-tips-bookiesocial media.

When you use the web to promote your bookie services, you are increasing your potential for attracting more players to your site and by networking with related gambling sites you are instantly improving your credibility.

To create an online network is one of the most effective ways in which an agent can promote his services and here is some info and tips that can truly make the difference.


Bookie Tips: Create A Strategy


Although developing a social media strategy is not difficult, it does require commitment. The best way to improve the traffic on your site is to create fresh, original content and use relevant sites such as Facebook and Twitter to distribute your website articles. Make sure that you are adding content to your website on a daily basis and always remember to share it.


Don’t be Spammy

When you are networking with people you really don’t want to appear as if you are just spamming them with your bookie website articles.

In order to avoid this, be more in touch with your followers by sharing links that you find interesting and that are not related to your site (you can post your picks for games, interesting pictures, phrases, etc). Make sure that you also engage in conversations in order to really be part of the online community.


Top Social Media Websites

Although there are many social media sites out there, there are a few where you really need to have a presence:

Facebook: This is one of the most popular websites, where most people with access to a computer and internet have an account. For this reason, you must create a Facebook page for your website to then try to grow it in popularity. Facebook pages are quite likable and owning one certainly increases your business credibility.

Twitter: If you want to share  the links from your bookmaking website with many people with ease, this is the perfect tool. Creating a Twitter page is really easy and you can customize it at will. Just like with Facebook, try to network with industry-like sites, which means all-things-gambling and don’t forget sports.

Pinterest: Sometimes an image alone can tell more than a thousand words and when it comes to promote your website with pictures, this is the best social media site to do it. The best of Pinterest is that it allows you to add links on every image you upload, which makes it the perfect tool to increase the popularity of your blog posts.

YouTube: If pictures are strong marketing instruments, videos are even catchier to the eye because they really take the attention of someone for a considerable amount of time.

A powerful way to always get the right people to watch you is to create videos that are relevant to your wanted viewers. If possible, create a daily vid about upcoming sporting events and give your professional opinion, including things such as who you believe the favorite is and why. If you are credible, you will gain followers quickly.


Follow The Sites Your Clients Enjoy

In order to create a bond with people that can turn into future clients, you must get interested in what they’re interested, so hit the ‘Like’ button on the pages they enjoy on facebook and follow the people they follow on twitter.


It’s A Long-Term Process

Let’s face it: To start using social media doesn’t mean that you are going to become popular immediately. In fact, it will be quite some time before you can start seeing some results, but the good thing is that once you have established yourself as a credible member of an only community, you will definitely start to see amazing ongoing results.


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