Software for Bookies: Get It From a Reputable Pay per Head Shop

Are you looking for Software for Bookies? If that’s the case, you need a reputable price per head shop.

Software for Bookies: Get It From a Reputable Pay per Head Shop
Software for Bookies: Get It From a Reputable Pay per Head Shop

This is because only a good PPH offshore services provider can offer you high-quality sports betting and gaming services.

And at a price that is affordable for most bookmaking agents out there.


Software for Bookies: What To Look For

In order to the get the best possible Software for Bookies, there are some things you need to look for:

  • Reliable and varied reports
  • Extensive wagering menu
  • Full control over lines and players
  • Casino Games
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Security
  • Trial Period


Reliable and varied reports

The best Software for Bookies comes with reports that are not just reliable, but also very varied.

In fact, the kind of bookmaking software that you want for your wagering and gambling operation must contain no less than 15 reports.

The more reports, the better. The reason is because as a top bookmaker, you want to check the figures of your business from different angles.

Here are some of the top reports you should ask for when searching for Software for Bookies:

Daysheet: This is the report that shows the figures related to the activity of players.

Management: Using this report from the custom bookie software; the agent can check the list of players and sub-agents that are under his management.

Line and exposure: This report shows the current lines on which players are betting on; and also show the exposure of the agent related to such wagering lines.

Real time betting: This is the report that shows the sports betting action of players in real time.

Open bets: This is a report that shows all open and pending bets.


Extensive wagering menu

Your chosen Software for Bookies should also come with a really extensive wagering menu.

The reason is because you want your players to remain as active as possible.

And you can only accomplish this by offering a wagering menu that goes beyond sports and horse betting.

You want this menu to contain as many sports as possible, not just American leagues.

This is especially true for bookmaking agents that have overseas clients that places bets on soccer, rugby, etc.

You also want a complete props menu! This allows players to bet on trendy stuff, allowing you to cash in on those worldwide trends.


Full control over lines and players

The kind of Software for Bookies that is worth paying for allows full control over betting lines and players.

This means that you, as a top bookmaker, can open or close accounts, set credit and wagering limits, etc.

This is definitely necessary as you need to feel that you’re actually managing your sports betting and gaming operation. With this feature, this is doubtlessly true

And, you also have control over the lines provided by the price per head shop.

So, even though you get great wagering lines for your players; you can always move specific lines according to your particular needs as a bookmaking agent.


Casino Games

Another important aspect to consider when searching for Software for Bookies is casino games.

Small PPH shops only offer sportsbook software, and that’s Ok. However, without casino software, the bookmaking agent is not able to cash in on the gaming action of his clients.

This is not good at all as it means that the top bookmaker is missing on a great opportunity to increase his profits.

If you’re a bookmaking agent that is looking for Software for Bookies, asking about the availability of casino games is a must.

Not only because gaming action complements sports betting perfectly; but also because casino profits can end up being even higher thank sportsbook revenue!



Another feature related to Software for Bookies, and that is essential to have success is mobile.

A mobile-friendly user interface is needed so players can always feel comfortable when placing their wagers.

If such interface is confusing, and placing wagers is not as easy as it should be; then this is the kind of Software for Bookies that you want to avoid.

Instead, get sportsbook software that will make it simple for a player to access the site through his mobile device; and place the bet, or play casino games, such as PPH poker.



Many players are hesitant to place bets or play casino games with the large online sportsbooks. And the reason is because they don’t want to reveal their credit card, or personal information!

Betting with a top bookmaker that is using Software for Bookies is totally different.

The bookmaking agent is actually the one that holds any kind of personal data from the player.

This is very positive because this means that by operating with a reputable pay per head shop; a wagering and gambling agent can offer all the advantages of a large sportsbook or online casino.

And without any of the security risks!

So, the personal data of the players is always kept offline, while all the action is taking place online!


Trial Period

Another thing you really want to ask for when searching for Software for Bookies is a trial period.

This is because you want to have the option of testing all the features related to the data management tool; without having to pay for it.

Now, it is important to remember that only reputable price per head shops offer trial periods.

The reason for this is because only a good PPH shop is sure of its high-quality products.

Therefore, providing a trial period is not a problem.

This is because the rule, and not the exception; is that bookmaking agents whom test the Software for Bookies are very pleased with it.

So they naturally decide to just keep paying for it after the trial period is over.


As you can see, getting the right data management tool to run your bookmaking operation is not difficult.

In fact, all you need to do is to find the right offshore pay per head company that can offer you the kind of casino and sportsbook software that comes with all the features described above.

And, once you find that reputable PPH Shop, you will certainly get access to the best Software for Bookies.

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