Software for Sports Bets and Pay per Head Services for Players

The best Software for Sports Bets is provided by a PPH company, also know as a Pay per Head shop.

Software for Sports Bets and Pay per Head Services for Players
Software for Sports Bets and Pay per Head Services for Players

This is a company that offers offshore services for bookmakers, so they can run their businesses seamlessly.

If you’re one of these agents whom are looking to improve the way in which you manage your sports betting operation; this is the kind of solutions you definitely need.


Software for Sports Bets: What is it, how it works

This Software for Sports Bets is a data management tool.

This means that you can manage all the information related to your players and their wagering activity from the same source.

And, this bookie software is a tool that is fully web-based.

This means that you can access it very easily by using the internet.

So, all you need to do is to grab your favorite smart device (smartphone, laptop or tablet); and check your sportsbook software for the latest data related to your customers and their most recent wagers.

This allows you to know how exactly your players are behaving:

  • Are they betting more?
  • Are they betting less?
  • Which players are giving you the most profits?
  • Which players are not valuable for your business?

These and other similar questions are easy to answer using the bookie reports that are part of the Software for Sports Bets you get from a top PPH Shop.


Pay per Head Services for Players

Apart from the Software for Sports Bets you get, your players also get Pay per Head tools to place their wagers.

This includes:

  • Wagering website (with casino option)
  • Call center betting


Wagering website (with casino option)

A great advantage of working with a PPH Shop that offers Software for Sports Bets is that you won’t have to process a wager yourself any more.

And the reason for that is because the price per head company provides your players with tools so they can get their bookmaking action all on their own.

And the main of these tools is a fully working sports betting website.

There are two versions of the site offered by the PPH Shop, but both offer the same core benefits to the player.

The most popular and affordable version is the standard website.

This is the official betting website for your preferred PPH Shop (not the same as their marketing website).

This is a site that your players will be sharing with the players of other agents, and it’s an overall outstanding option.

The other choice is a personalized website. This site is only going to be used by your own players.

Meaning that you can get a fully working wagering website, without the hassle of paying for hosting services.

And, you get to pick the domain (the www…), and also the design of the website.

Now, this last option is not expensive at all. In fact, all you’ll need to do is to pay is a one-time extra fee.

Once you cancel the requested extra amount, the web design personnel from the PPH Shop will work directly with you to customize the site as per your personal wants and needs.


Casino option

Working with a PPH provider of Software for Sports Bets also means that you can get your own casino.

This is also an extra service. And all you need to do is to request it from the Pay per Head company.

Once you get it, you’ll just need to pay an extra fee per week for allowing your players to get their gambling action with your favorite PPH Shop.

With that said, this is a really profitable solution. Which means that once it becomes popular with your clients; this particular service will basically pay itself out of your own profits.


Call center wagering

This is also a solution for players that you get when you sign up with a top provider of Software for Sports Bets.

Actually this is a very important service to count with. And the reason for this is because there are many players out there whom are still very fond of getting their action using the help of professionals clerks.

And this is fully possible if you sign up with the right PPH Shop.

When we say the right one, we mean a price per head company from Costa Rica.

And the reason for that is because this is where the most reputable PPH companies in the world are located.

Once you find the right PPH Shop and sign up; your players will be able to start making wagers over the phone, charge-free!

That’s because you’ll get your own toll free number; which means that your clients can call as much as they want, and they will never get charged a single cent.


I signed up for PPH Services, then what?

Once you get your Software for Sports Bets and the necessary wagering tools; it’s time to tell your customers about it.

All you need to do is to create an alias and a password for each one of your clients.

And that’s all they will need to identify themselves, and get their action with the PPH Shop.

Now, this is great because it means that the PPH company will never get the actual personal information of your players.

So, in that context, your services are even safer than the wagering solutions offered by the large online sportsbooks; as the latter does request the personal name and credit card information of players.


Your trial period

It’s also important to mention that a top provider of Software for Sports Bets will offer you a trial period.

This is usually a full FREE WEEK of solutions.

This means that you’ll have a full week to test out the solutions of the price per head business without having to pay anything at all.

Then, at the end of the trial, the PPH Shop will simply start charging you for the services provided.

With that said, you should stick with a PPH company that offers you a trial without having to ask for it.

That’s because it means that they are proud of their Software for Sports Bets and other solutions, and are not afraid of allowing agents to test them out, free of charges.

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