Sports Betting Bookie: Understanding Advertising and Promotion

Sports Betting Bookie: Understanding Advertising and Promotion

When you manage to create assessable communication objectives for advertising and promotion, you are able to create awareness, and shifts in consumer attitudes, which, in the end, will turn into more sales for your sports betting bookie business.

Sports Betting Bookie: Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and promotion can be defined as the exchange of data and ideas through mass media, in this case, the internet, with the goal of accomplishing four main objectives:

  • Drive traffic to a sports betting bookie website.
  • Increase awareness about a given bookmaking business and its services.
  • Increase positive attitudes toward a given sportsbook operation, large or small.
  • Reduce inconsistent consumer thoughts by reinforcing the positive feelings of a person after she becomes a client (focusing on the belief that the individual has made a good decision).

Advertising and promotion, however, are two different tactics, usually with different goals.

Advertising takes place when you communicate an idea about your sports betting bookie company, and use an image to connect prospective clients with your brand.

Promotion, on the other hand, is a more direct approach as it uses an incentive to induce either immediate trial, or repeat purchase (this incentive is usually something related to a monetary offer, such as a discount, or a bonus).

Awareness and Attitudes

Although traditional advertising is not really gone, it is not as powerful as it used to be. And the reason is the internet, which allows people to pick their desired information, while screening the data they don’t want to get.

However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed: the need for marketing professionals to create awareness, and shifts in attitudes among the prospective clients of a sports betting bookie business.

Building Awareness

When you find yourself brainstorming about awareness, take into consideration the relationship between 4 components:

  • First-Mention Unassisted Awareness: This is when a person mentions the name of a given sports betting bookie business first (when asked about the top businesses for a determined business category).
  • Unassisted Awareness: This is similar to the previous one, where the name of a sports betting bookie business is mentioned without any prompting, but not necessarily as the first choice.
  • Assisted Awareness: This is when a person recognizes the name of a given bookmaking business after such name is mentioned to her.
  • Understanding: The percentage of individuals who understand the main components of your sportsbook operation, and can easily discern about what business you are in, the solutions you provide, and what makes you different from other price per head bookmaking entrepreneurs out there.


The better the attitudes of consumers towards your bookmaking business, the better the results you will obtain in terms of profits.

The best way to get positive attitudes related to your sports betting bookie operation is by setting the proper communication objectives, and transmitting the positive aspects of your betting and gaming operation to the proper audience.

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