Sports Betting Bookie: Client Selection, Positive and Negative

To be selective with your clients can both positive and negative for your sports betting bookie business.

Sports Betting Bookie: Client Selection, Positive and Negative
Sports Betting Bookie: Client Selection, Positive and Negative

If you focus your bookmaking operation on certain clients, especially those that have the deepest pockets seems good, but doing so can bring more harm than good to your betting and gaming operation.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be selective; on the contrary, you actually need to remove those clients that don’t fit your business model in order to focus on pleasing the ones that do fit it.


Sports Betting Bookie: Don’t Focus your Business on Large Clients Only


As a sports betting bookie, you may think that by landing a “big whale” client you will be all set, however, to run a bookmaking company this way has a number of problems:

  • You will be forced to custom-tailor your price per head bookie services to fit the needs and wants of very few specific individuals.
  • Are you really your own boss, or are these “big whale” players your true bosses?
  • If you do land such type of clients, they will practically own your sports betting bookie business.
  • By focusing on pleasing these large clients, it is likely that you will lose touch with the rest of your clientele.

And, remember that:

  • There is no need for you to change the things you do in order to please a single client of your betting and gaming operation. Instead, you need to please the majority, as they will ultimately be your long-term bread and butter.
  • If a large client wants to leave you because according to him you haven’t pleased his needs, then that is just Ok. You can sincerely wish that person well.
  • You are your own boss! And with considering that, no customer can really demand that you do what he says.


Excluding People

There is no way that you can please everybody, meaning that your sports betting bookie business can’t really be all things to all people.

For this reason, you shouldn’t be afraid of excluding those individuals that really don’t fit your business model. If your sportsbook services don’t fit the needs and wants of a certain individual, then exclude that person immediately.

If you sports betting bookie operation is relatively new, you may be afraid of saying no to a given player because you need to create as much revenue as possible in order to stay afloat.

The problem is that saying yes to clients that are very hard to please, or that really don’t need what you are offering can become troublesome for you in the future.

It is better to say no to these type of clients in order to focus all of your energies on adding clients to your bookmaking portfolio that you are certain are going to be satisfied with the sports betting bookie solutions that you offer.

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