Sports Betting Bookie: Overcoming Perfectionism

Most individuals out there would consider that having high standards is a good thing for a sports betting bookie business. Mainly because it shows that you are ethical, and that you also

Sports Betting Bookie: Overcoming Perfectionism
Sports Betting Bookie: Overcoming Perfectionism

have a strong character.

Now, there is a big difference between working with high standards for your bookmaking operation, and to embrace perfectionism.

The reason is because perfectionism pushes people to set standards that are so high, that are impossible to meet.

A perfectionist in its purest form is the person that believes that even minor imperfections can lead a sports betting bookie business to fail. This is clearly, not true.

If you are a perfectionist that is looking to start a sportsbook operation, it is likely that you are waiting until all the “conditions” are perfect for you to act.

However, since the conditions are never going to be that perfect, this unrealistic state of mind is most certainly going to lead you to become stagnant.

The reality is that there is always going to be a given challenging circumstance or situation that will present itself.

So, the trick is for you to learn to manage the imperfections that are associated to your sports betting bookie business while striving to reach your professional goals at the same time.

If you let the perfectionist in you to rule your life, then with time, you will even start to believe that you are not as capable as others because you are simply not able to meet your own unreachable standards.


Sports Betting Bookie: Saying No to Perfectionism, Steps to Take


If you want to overcome your perfectionism, here are the two main steps that you need to take:


Step 1: Recognizing Perfectionism

If you don’t know that you have a sickness, you can’t fight it! So, the first step that you need to take is to recognize that you have a problem.

It is important to recall that there is nothing wrong with having high standards, but when you are setting the bar way above your own limits, you will definitely have problems managing your sports betting bookie business properly.

If you are constantly criticizing yourself because according to you, your performance was not good enough, this is a good indication that you indeed have a problem with perfectionism.


Examples of Perfectionist Thinking:

  • Black and white: If it’s not perfect, it is a failure.
  • Catastrophic: Making a mistake means that I wouldn’t be able to stand the humiliation.
  • Probability overestimation: Although I am preparing myself the best way I can, I am pretty sure I won’t do well.
  • Should Statements: I should never be nervous or anxious, I should definitely never make a mistake, etc.


Examples of Perfectionist Behavior:

  • Giving up before the right time.
  • Procrastinating in a chronic way.
  • Overly cautious with tasks (taking three full hours to complete a task that normally takes just twenty minutes).
  • Checking for mistakes excessively.
  • Re-Doing things because they were “not as perfect.”
  • Working with very, very elaborate “to do” lists.
  • Avoiding new things for the risk of making mistakes.


Step 2: Changing Perfectionism


Realistic Thinking

In order to change your perfectionism with the goal of improving your sports betting bookie business, the best way to start is by changing your self-criticism and update it with more realistic thoughts and statements.

If you feel that you are struggling with perfectionism, try to practice reciting positive, realistic statements to yourself every single day.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe such statements are real right away, with enough repetition, your mind will become filled with positive thoughts, allowing you to dissipate the harmful, negative self-talk.


Perspective Taking

It is also important that you start seeing things from the point of view of other individuals. Think about how others see a given situation, and compare that with your perfectionist approach.

When you learn to view things as other people might see them, especially those related to your sports betting bookie business, you are definitely on the right path to overcome perfectionism.

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