Sports Betting Bookie Tips: Creating an Effective Online Sales Pitch

Chances are that the inboxes of sports betting enthusiasts are flooded with emails containing marketing pitches from the bookie

industry: “We are the best!” “We have what you need!” “We are going to rock your world!”

Indeed, there are many, many pitches a price per head bookie can choose from, and also a lot of ways of transmitting them.

So, the real questions are: What is it that causes a sports bettor to show any sort of interest in what is being offered to him? What is the factor (s) that moves a given pitch above the rest?

Here we offer you great tips that can help you create a more efficient online pitch for the prospective clients of your bookmaking business.


Bookie Tips: Persuasion versus Invasiveness


As mentioned above, people, including sports betting players, are bombarded with offers on a daily basis. In your case, as a pay per head bookmaking agent, it is recommended to limit the number of times that you pursue the same individual.

If you come with the same pitch to the same person time and time again, it is likely that you are not going to succeed in signing up that person to your bookie price per head services business.

Remember: there is a big difference between being persuasive and being invasive.


Players Want Choices

Offer different assets: Make sure that your pitch can be transmitted in a variety of ways, including cool dynamic visuals such as videos, gifs, audio, etc.


Confirm the Player’s Ideas

During the outreach process, you will not be communicating with a prospective client in person, and this is important, as according to some professionals on the matter, online communication indeed has a limiting effect when it comes to persuading an individual.

However, if you are able to understand the theory of confirmation bias, you can create a pitch that is based on reaffirming your ideas, allowing you to come up with a final product that has a persuasive edge.

If you are wondering what a confirmatory bias is, it is actually the tendency to interpret or research data in such a way that affirms the preconceptions of an individual.

So, when creating your pitch, think like a sports betting enthusiast, and create your content accordingly in order to reaffirm the prospective client’s ideas about the ideal bookie sportsbook operation.



Creating a personal connection with a sports betting player can also be a crucial factor when it comes to getting that person to accept the pitch for your bookie business.

And what a better way to do so, than to make the prospective customer feel the way you want him to feel!

For this reason, your pitch should not contain just words, but also images in order to create a bigger impact in the mind of the subject.

The better the emotional response from the player concerning your pitch, the more chances you will have of signing up that person as a new client of your price per head bookie business.

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