Sports Betting Bookie: Top Tips for Proper Web Design

If you are a sports betting bookie that is interested in promoting your business using your own website, then web design is a term you should definitely get familiarized with.

Sports Betting Bookie: Top Tips for Proper Web Design
Sports Betting Bookie: Top Tips for Proper Web Design

Web design is related to the appearance of a website as an indicator of content reliability, and this is important for the marketing plans of your sports betting bookie site.

Sports Betting Bookie: Tips for Better Web Design

Here are the top 9 tips related to web design that can help you increase consumer trust by improving overall experience with the goal of closing more conversions.

Keep Promises

When you make a promise to your audience, and that thing doesn’t happen, then the people that visits your sports betting bookie website is going to start distrusting everything you do.

This includes the promises related to the user interface of your bookmaking site.

For example, if you send an email to your clients with a link, make sure that you are honest about where that link is directing the user to.

If you send a link for a given area of your site, but the user is re-directed to a different area, or to a “404 page no found” screen, then you will be training your prospective clients to unconsciously distrust you, and this is definitely not favorable for the conversions of your sports betting bookie business.

Be Consistent

An inconsistent interface is definitely not good. When someone interacts with your website, that person gets a feel about how the interface elements of your site works and reacts, and, when you change those patterns for some that are similar in order to achieve the same goals, this can confuse your users.

Be Clear

Use contrasting text and colors that contributes to the readability factor. Even though a given color looks cool for your font, if it doesn’t contrasts well with the background (and if readers find it difficult to read), then sacrifice looks for usability.

This means to go for a safe-bet color, such as black (or another dark tone) for the font, and a clear tone for the background.

Respect Context

Have you heard the term “content is king”? Well, then you can consider context in a similar way. When you are in the process of designing your sports betting bookie website, consider its elements in their next larger context.

For example, a chair in a room, a room in a house, and a house in a neighborhood. You get the point…

Know Your Voice

The design of your sports betting bookie website must come with its own voice. Although there are others offering the same sportsbook services out there, your site must reflect your own particular personality. It must stand out from the rest as its own entity.

Show Results Immediately

When a visitor of your sports betting bookie website puts something into a system, that person wants to see a positive outcome as quickly as possible.

Indeed, your site must be very fast and responsive in order to be able to keep visitors satisfied, and for a longer time.

Transition Changes

The transition between the different areas of your website must be smooth in order to offer the best navigation experience for the visitor. You must avoid at all costs uncomfortable breaks related to page loads.

Guide, Don’t Dictate

In order to know what your visitors want, and expect from your sports betting bookie website, feel free to ask them!

Getting your visitor’s feedback is incredibly useful because they can point out what they liked about your website, and what they disliked about it. What made their experience a pleasant one, and what made them feel otherwise.

Make It Simple, Not Simplistic

The user interface of your site must feel natural, and it must also be easy to use.

But, try to avoid removing the majority of options for the sake of simplicity, and instead, present all options on your sports betting bookie website, when appropriate, and in a clear way.

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