Sports Betting Business: Pay per Head Services and Startup Funds

If you want to start a Sports Betting Business, getting pay per head services is your best bet.

Sports Betting Business: Pay per Head Services and Startup Funds
Sports Betting Business: Pay per Head Services and Startup Funds

PPH are tools to run everything without a problem.

It includes sportsbook software to manage the operation, and wagering and gambling tools for your players.

And all you do is paying a weekly fee for these offshore services.


Sports Betting Business: Sportsbook Software

The sportsbook software is the tool bookies use to run a Sports Betting Business.

So, once you get this tool, you can just go online, and start checking everything related to your bookmaking operation.

And what’s great about it is that you don’t have to download anything. So, you can use your favorite smart device to login to the bookie software.

This is important, because only old school PPH companies work with downloads, and that is something you want to avoid.

So, when you start looking for the right PPH Shop, ask if they work with web-based services, or downloads.

Now, this sports betting software is very easy to use, so you won’t need to get any kind of training.

In fact, once you sign up with the right PPH company, you’ll be able to start using the wagering software immediately.

Here’s a scenario:

A bookie with 50 players was tired of writing manual bets…

One day he signed up with a Costa Rica Pay per Head shop, and started using sportsbook software for the first time…

After that, all wagers were processed automatically, and the bookie was able to check all the action easily, and effortlessly…


Sports Betting Business: Wagering and Gambling Website

Running a Sports Betting Business with pay per head also includes offshore services for your players.

The main of these solutions is a wagering and gambling website.

This is a site where your players can get their action using a simple user name and password.

This is also a very easy-to-use tool for players, so no training is required.

Now, there are two types of pay per head websites:

  • Standard site
  • Custom site


Standard site

This is the site that comes with the standard package of services, and it’s the site where the players of most bookies get their action.


Custom site

This site will cost you a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE. But this is a website that will be available only to your own players. Plus you get to pick the design of the site, and its domain name.

Here’s a scenario:

A bookie obtains a custom site from a pay per head shop…

And then, using their aliases and passwords, players start to get their action all by themselves…

No more manual bets for you, the bookmaker…



Now, when you sign up with a pay per head shop, your players get access to wagering solutions.

But, if you want them to have access to the online casino area of the website; you need to pay an extra weekly fee for this service.

With that said, if you get this gambling solution you’ll be able to double your profits very easily.

So, getting the cash to pay for the extra fee won’t be a problem for you at all…


Sports Betting Business: Call Center

Another advantage of running your Sports Betting Business using pay per head services is that your players get access to an offshore call center.

This means that your players can get their action using the help of professional, skilled clerks; and you don’t have to pay for infrastructure, or other overhead costs.

Indeed, it’s a win-win for you as a top bookmaker.

Now, if you really want to get the best deal for your cash, your best bet is to contact a PPH Shop from Costa Rica.

This way your players will have access to a multilingual service that includes English, Chinese and Spanish.

Here’s a scenario:

One of your players wants to place a bet, but he doesn’t have access to the web…

He can then dial a toll free number, and get his action without paying a single cent for the call…

Simple and easy…


Sports Betting Business: Startup Funds

Apart from getting the right pay per head services, if you want to run your Sports Betting Business the right way, you need to count with some startup cash.

This is because you need to count with the money to pay winners, otherwise your reputation as a top bookmaker will not be the best, and that can lead you to lose players.

On the other hand, if you always pay winners when you must do so, you will earn a very positive reputation that will help you to attract new clients by word of mouth.

So, make sure you get the right startup funds before you start your operation.

And here are some ideas of where you can get this cash from:

  • Bank account
  • Friends and family
  • Investors


Bank account

If you have the cash in your bank account, then that’s your best bet.

And the reason is because all the cash is yours, which means that when you start getting profits; all those profits are also going to be all yours.

With that said, working with your own cash means that you’re assuming all the risk, so this is definitely a factor to consider.


Friends and family

You can also get the money you need from friends or family members.

If this is the case, then you need to be very responsible about paying back on time in order to keep a healthy relationship with the family member or friend that gave you the cash.



You can also work with an investor that can give you the cash you need, and there are 2 different types of investors:

For-profit investor: This is a person or organization that can give you the cash in exchange for a profit.
Partner investor: This is a person or organization that is willing to share the risk of the operation with your in exchange for a partnership deal.

The kind of investor you pick really depends on the particular goals you have created for your Sports Betting Business…

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