Sports Betting Software for Bookies From A Pay per Head Shop

If you’re an agent and want good results and little effort, you need Sports Betting Software for Bookies.

Sports Betting Software for Bookies From A Pay per Head Shop
Sports Betting Software for Bookies From A Pay per Head Shop

And you can easily get it, plus player offshore services, from a pay per head shop from Costa Rica.


Sports Betting Software for Bookies: Best Management Tool

A PPH Shop offers Sports Betting Software for Bookies so that you can manage your bookmaking operation with ease.

And the tool also comes with more than 15 agents reports; showing different data that can help you figure out how well your operation is performing versus your players.

Indeed, this sportsbook software is a touchdown against rival agents!

Just imagine yourself in your favorite sofa, and your laptop in front of you, showing the LIVE action of players…

It’s the perfect scenario: your clients get their action by themselves using a pay per head site, or through an offshore call center… And you get to check everything using your bookie software

Plus this is a tool that’s completely user-friendly, which means that once you get it, you can start using it like a pro.

That’s the kind of superior software you want… Because that’s what can make a difference…. And that’s the edge you need to become successful…


Sports Betting Software for Bookies: Player Services

Apart from Sports Betting Software for Bookies, players also get their own pay per head services, including:

  • Wagering and gambling website
  • Call center access


Wagering and gambling website

Your players get access to a pay per head sports betting website, so that they’re able to get their action without any assistance.

This is great because it means that your customers can wager and gamble in full privacy; using their favorite mobile device

Here’s the scenario:

  • You sign up with a pay per head shop from Costa Rica.
  • Then, you assign aliases and passwords to your clients.
  • And finally, your players start placing bets and playing casino games.

It’s really that simple and effective…

Now, you can work with the standard pay per head website, or you can get a personal site.

Both versions work the same way and are just as effective…

But the difference is that the standard version is a site shared with other agents and their players; and the personal version is a website only for you own clients.

And, you also get to pick the design and the name of the site…

The standard website is cheaper, and it’s also the most popular version.

And if you want the custom site, you need to pay a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE.

Then you’ll continue to pay the same regular fee for all solutions.


Call center access

Call center access is another great complement to Sports Betting Software for Bookies.

Once you sign up with the right Costa Rica pay per head shop, your players can use their aliases and passwords to place bets over the phone for free.

This is because you’ll be given your own toll free number, so that your clients can wager without any kind of time limits, and without paying a single cent.

Here’s a scenario: Once you sign up, your clients can start dialing your new toll free number. After identifying with the clerk using a simple alias and password, they can get their action.

This means that they can get first-class call center assistance with full privacy because they are not required to provide their personal identities at any point.

Needless to say, this is a great factor that can help you enhance your image as a top bookmaker in your area.


Sports Betting Software for Bookies: How To Get It

Ok, now that you know what you’ll get, it’s time to figure out how to get Sports Betting Software for Bookies.

It all starts with a simple web search for the right pay per head shop.

Make sure the PPH company you contact is from Costa Rica, as this guarantees that you’ll get the best value for your cash.

After finding the right PPH Shop, make contact.

You can do this by:

  • Calling
  • Using live help
  • Using the contact form / email



Calling the PPH company is the easiest way to get the Sports Betting Software for Bookies you need.

This is because this is how you can get in direct contact with a PPH representative.

And that is really how you can figure out who’s behind your favorite price per head shop.

Once you’re on the phone with representative, you can ask all the questions you want.

And you can also get a quick training on how to use the bookie software and the other PPH services.


Using live help

You can also visit the website for the pay per head site, and click on the live help button located there.

Then you can talk with a live representative, and this way you can get the same kind of attention as on the phone.


Using the contact form / email

Another alternative is to use the contact form, also located on the pay per head website.

Once you locate this form, all you need to do is to fill out the requested data, and send it.

After you do that, you can expect to get an answer within minutes.

Make sure to use the comments section to add any extra information that can help the PPH representative to provide you with a more precise answer.


Sports Betting Software for Bookies: Trial Period

If you get Sports Betting Software for Bookies from a top PPH Shop, you will get a trial period.
During this time, you’ll be able to test out all the services provided by the PPH Shop without paying a single cent.

And this is great, because you don’t want to pay for solutions that will not meet your demands or that of your clients.

So, create fake accounts during that free week you get, and create a user to contact the call center, and login to the sports betting and gaming website.

If you feel that the services are great, chances are that your players will also be happy, and chances are that you’ll also be satisfied with the Sports Betting Software for Bookies.

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