Sports Betting Software Bookie: How to Run the Business

As a sports betting software bookie, you need to learn how to properly run your business in order to attain success.

Sports Betting Software Bookie: How to Run the Business
Sports Betting Software Bookie: How to Run the Business

And in this article, we are offering some good information on what you need to focus on; also the tools that you need, and the way in which you should deal with clients.


Sports Betting Software Bookie: What is your primary concern?


As a top bookmaker, you need to ask yourself what your primary concern is.

Here are some good examples:

  • Do you want to make a lot of money without making a big effort?
  • Are you worried about not having success in your transition from bettor to bookie?
  • Is money a barrier to realize your bookmaking entrepreneurial dreams?
  • Are you concerned about having partners?

It may be the case that you identify with the above situations. Or, it is quite possible that you may also have your very own particular concerns as a bookmaking agent.

Whatever the case is, when you manage to identify your primary concern; you will be able to consciously assume it as your personal professional main challenge.


What You Need

Keeping your clients happy is good. Satisfying their needs, then, seems necessary. And with that in mind, here are the elements that can really make the difference for you as a sports betting software bookie.


Sports Betting Software

We’ve found that most sports betting software agents are looking for a real data management solution. And, sportsbook software works great in this case.

This is because bookmaking software really puts all the wagering and gambling data at the bookmaker’s finger tips.

And this is exactly what the bookie wants. Indeed, it is hard for the top bookmaker to be unproductive.

As the sports betting software makes the bookie’s operation seem almost effortless.


Access to Call Center and Web Betting

Taking bets all by yourself can be tiresome; and it can leave you with the sensation that running a wagering business is not that easy.

However, when you operate with a pay per head sportsbook, your clients will get access to call center and web betting. And, doubtlessly, this simple factor can truly make the difference.

The reason is because by using these services from an offshore pph shop, you won’t have to deal with the bet-taking process yourself personally.

And this allows you to run your bookmaking operation smoothly, and in an effortless way.

Now, this is not only advantageous for you. It is also very convenient for your clients as they will have the opportunity of using a professional data management solution.

This means that bettors won’t have to contact you ever when they need to place some wagers. And then, you can just looking into your sports betting software and check out the most recent action in real time.


An offshore price per head shop can also offer you a package of services that includes casino as an extra.

This means that the regular solutions package includes access to bookmaking software for the agent; and call center and web betting for his players.

However, you can request to add an online casino software solution. This is great because it will allow you to profit from your clients even when wagering on sports is a bit slow.


Bettors Are Responsible for their Accounts

When you sign up new clients for your sports betting software bookie services, you need to be clear about the fact that they are fully responsible for their accounts.

This means that you are not going to assume any kind of responsibility if the bettor’s account is misused by himself or by someone else.

For this reason, you need to make clear to clients that their user name and password is for their own eyes only. This is because if someone makes a bet; even with the authorization of the bettor, but the wager was misplaced, then the player is going to be fully responsible for it. And you, as a top bookmaker, won’t have to deal with this type of situations.



In order to avoid any possible disputes, do the following: Tell bettors that when they log into their accounts, they must verify the current balance.

If they continue to place bets after checking their current balance, this means that they are accepting as valid all the previous transactions.

This, and only this, should serve as the final authority in terms of disputes.

Now, when a client verifies his account, and is not happy with the current balance, and then contact you immediately; then this particular clients does have the right to make a wagering claim.

In order to make such claim, the bettor must:

1. The player must contact the call center directly if he placed the bet over the phone.

2. The player must contact the bookie directly if he placed the bet online.

The client must provide a valid ticket number for the claim. And to make the claim, give the bettor no more than seven days (from the day the discrepancy was made).



It is also important to recall that all wagers that are placed either over the phone or online are confirmed before they are accepted.

This is great because it serves as the first form of protection the sports betting software bookie gets.

So, when a bettor calls in to get some action, the clerk at the other side of the phone will provide him with a verbal confirmation. And, that verbal agreement is going to remain in the call records of the pay per head sportsbook for as long as the bookie remains a client of the pph shop.

Now, it can be the case that the player is in a hurry and is not able to listen to the read back due to technical difficulties. If this is the case, it is the bettor’s full responsibility to contact the pay per head sportsbook immediately in order to validate the wager properly.

The pph shop confirmed all online wagers. This means that before the bet is final, the player will be presented with a confirmation window; So, when the player clicks on that window, he has confirmed that he’s accepted the wager and its outcome.

As you can see, to run the business is not difficult; that is, if the sports betting software bookie works in collaboration with a top price per head shop.

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