Sports Betting Website For Bookies And Top Pay per Head Services

A Sports Betting Website For Bookies can really make the difference for your bookmaking operation.

Sports Betting Website For Bookies And Top Pay per Head Services
Sports Betting Website For Bookies And Top Pay per Head Services

Now, you can get this site by yourself, but that is extremely expensive…

So, your best option is to work with a pay per head company from Costa Rica.

This will give you access to the best bookie software for you, and the top offshore services for your customers.

Here’s everything that’s included:

  • Sports Betting Website For Bookies
  • Access To Call Center
  • Sportsbook Software


Sports Betting Website For Bookies

This Sports Betting Website For Bookies is a site where your players can get their action, all by themselves.

This means that they can place all the wagers they want using their own phones, laptops or tablets.

And that is because this is a service that’s fully mobile! So, your customers don’t need to make any downloads at all…

Instead, all they need is to login to the pay per head site, and place all the bets they want, at any give time.

This is not only convenient to them, but also to you; because you won’t ever need to process a single wager again in your life.

So, this is a tool for your players, but with tremendously positive benefits to you, the bookmaking agent…

Now, there are two versions of this site:

  • Standard site
  • Personalized site


Standard site

This is the official sports betting site for the pay per head company. And this also a site that’s shared by many small agents and their players.

So, if you’re an agent who’s running a small wagering operation, then this is the perfect choice for you.

But, if you want to grow your business as much as possible, then you could really use a…


Personalized site

This is a Sports Betting Website For Bookies that will be available only to your own players!

You really want to count with this tool because it will allow you to enhance your image as a top bookmaker.

This is a site that includes customized design. This means that you can decide how you want this site to look like.

There are different website templates you can choose from.

And after choosing your favorite template, you can choose the colors, and other design features.

Plus, you can also pick the name of the site!

So, if you want your site to be named www. Myawesomewageringsite .com, if such name is available, it’s totally possible to get it.

Indeed, this is a great option for you as an agent, because by getting this site, you definitely get the best value for your cash.

And all you really need to do to get your hands on this site is to pay a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE.

After doing so, your site will be created according to your personal requirements; and soon after it will become available ONLY TO YOUR OWN PLAYERS…


Online Casino

Now, you can also get your own online casino!

This is an outstanding alternative that can allow you to double your profits in no time at all.

And all you need to do is to pay an extra weekly fee!


Access To Call Center

Apart from this Sports Betting Website For Bookies, your clients can also place wagers over the phone.

And this is because they get access to a modern offshore call center located in Costa Rica.

Now, it’s very important to sign up with a Costa Rica pay per head shop.

And the reason is because this is the country where the top PPH companies operate from.

So, if you want to pay the least amount of cash and get high-quality services, this is your best bet.


Your own 1-800 number

When you sign up with a top PPH company from Costa Rica, you’ll get your own toll free number.

This is a number that will be available only to your own players, so this is another great tool that you can use to enhance your image as a top agent.

What’s really great about it is that it allows your players to make all the calls they want; and last on the phone for as long as they need, and they will never have to pay a single cent for it.

And when players call, they will be assisted by professional clerks; whom are ready to provide a fast and reliable service, no exceptions.


Sportsbook Software

Apart from a Sports Betting Website For Bookies and access to a call center for players, you also get your own tool to monitor everything!

This is the kind of bookie software that gives you complete freedom, and that’s probably what you really want as a top bookmaker!

You want to have freedom not only to enjoy life, but also to go out there and continue to get new clients for your business on a regular basis.

And this sportsbook software allows you to do exactly that.

The reason is because this is a fully mobile tool.

This means that you just need your cellphone or laptop to login to the PPH software; and check everything, from anywhere, at any given time.

And what’s great about this tool is that all the information you get is offered IN REAL TIME.

This means that every time you refresh your screen, you’ll see up-to-the-second data; allowing to take the best decisions for your operation.


Agent Reports

And all of this info is offered to you in the form of agent reports.

These reports shows you the past and present wagering activities of your players.

And they also offer you info related to the profits those bets are generating for your operation.

Plus, this tool also allows you to manage the accounts of your players! This includes:

  • Opening or closing accounts in seconds
  • Increasing or decreasing credit balances
  • Increasing or decreasing wagering limits
  • Set limits for certain betting types
  • And so much more!


So, needless to say, this is a tool you definitely want to count with; and one you can easily get by contacting the right pay per head shop from Costa Rica.

If you do so, you’ll not only get this tool; but you’ll also get the best Sports Betting Website For Bookies, and the top call center services.

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