Sports Software for Bookies and Supporting Services

If you want high performance and easy integration, you need Sports Software for Bookies.

Sports Software for Bookies and Supporting Services
Sports Software for Bookies and Supporting Services

And, to make sure that you’re getting the best value for your cash; make sure you deal with a PPH offshore services provider.


Sports Software for Bookies: The Best Service Pack

Sports Software for Bookies is not just a bookmaking data management tool.

It is in fact so much more than that, as it includes:

  • Sports Software for Bookies
  • Internet and call center betting for players
  • Casino games


Sports Software for Bookies

The Sports Software for Bookies is the tool that is used to manage the data section of the business.

Working with a reputable pay per head shop means that the agent is getting a product that is of a very good quality.

And this is exactly what the sports betting agent needs to have an edge over its competitors.


Fully Customizable

This sportsbook software must be full customizable. This means that its reports should include as many custom features as possible.

This is because the agent wants to see only current data, excluding non-relevant information when necessary.


Bet Grading

Using this outstanding tool, the agent doesn’t have to grade wagers as the process is done automatically.

This means that once a given sporting event is over, all the wagers related to that event are graded in an automatic way; showing up in the screens of the bookie and players alike.

When it comes to grading wagers, no delays equals transparency; and this is definitely an attractive element that allows the agent to market his operation by positive word of mouth.


Lines Management

This Sports Software for Bookies includes a specialized lines management service.

This solution is handled by experienced professionals, and backed by the most trustful linesmaking services in the globe.

Doubtlessly, this gives such lines the credibility to make it a solid wagering solution to players.


Easy Integration

For this Sports Software for Bookies to really work, it should be easy for the agent to integrate it to his business.

This means that it shouldn’t take a long time for the agent to actually start using the tool as part of his daily operations.

With that said, this process should take no longer than a few hours.

So, when a bookmaking agent is sure that he wants to operate with a given bookie software; from that point on, it should be very simple to set everything up and start working.


Internet and call center betting for players

One thing is the Sports Software for Bookies, and a different one are the web and call center betting services for players.

This means that when an agent signs up with a pay per head shop, he gets a product, and his clients get another.

Needless to say, this is all to the benefit of the bookmaking agent as everything is included within the same weekly price per head fee.


Internet Betting

The internet betting package that complements the Sports Software for Bookies includes either a generic website, or a customized one.

The players of many bookies uses the pay per head generic site.

On the other hand, a customized site is one that the agent can personalize with its own domain name and design. And only the players of a single bookie uses it.

The generic option is good and it won’t disappoint players at all.

However, if the agent wants to go a step beyond, he can acquire a customizable website.

This is excellent in terms of marketing the wagering operation. And the reason is because the agent is going to be the only one promoting a specific site that no other top bookmaker uses.

And to the eyes of players, this makes the agent very appealing as it enhances his image considerably.



For this internet betting solution to work in favor of the interests of the agent, it must be fully mobile-friendly.

This means that players should be able to access the wagering site using their cell phone, tablet or laptop.

And they should be able to place their wagers without any inconvenience, and in a fast way.


Call Center Access

This is the other top complement of Sports Software for Bookies.

Having access to a call center is another business necessity that is supplied by the pay per head shop.

Although many players bet online, there are many others that prefer to get their action over the phone.

There are many reasons for this, but the important factor is to count with a service that is very reliable.

This is because players that enjoy betting over the phone tend to be very demanding in terms of their expectations.

This means that when a player calls in for a bet, he must find a skilled wagering clerk at the other end of the line.

Now, if the agent makes a deal with a PPH Shop with a bad reputation; chances are that players are not going to be fully satisfied with the service they’ll get over the phone.

On the other hand, if the bookmaking agent signs up with the right pay per head shop; it is likely that his players are always going to be treated as royalty when they call in for their action.


Casino Games

Sports Software for Bookies is really not complete without a casino games solution.

This is because most bettors also play games such as PPH Poker, which means that counting with this service can be really profitable.

The reality is that agents that haven’t integrated a gaming solution to their operations are losing on an opportunity of making a lot more cash than they’re currently processing.

On the other hand, the smart bookmaker that does work with casino games are keeping their players happy; and most importantly, loyal.

Indeed, by offering a player both sports betting and gaming services; a bookie becomes a reliable source of wagering and gambling solutions. And certainly, this good position can only lead to more profits in the future.


As you can see, Sports Software for Bookies and its supporting solutions can really transform a small operation into a real money-making machine.

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