Sportsbook for Bookies From a Top Offshore Pay per Head Company

Getting a Sportsbook for Bookies is only a good option when an offshore Pay per Head company is the provider.

Sportsbook for Bookies From a Top Offshore Pay per Head Company
Sportsbook for Bookies From a Top Offshore Pay per Head Company

This is because this is the kind of company that can give bookmaking agents all they need; for the best weekly fees.


Sportsbook for Bookies: Services included

Now when getting a Sportsbook for Bookies from a top overseas PPH offshore services company, this is what agents can expect to receive:

  • Bookie software
  • Sports betting and gaming website
  • Call center wagering
  • Fully mobile services
  • Security guaranteed


Bookie software

This is the data management tool that is the core of a Sportsbook for Bookies; and is provided by an overseas Pay per Head shop.

Such bookie software includes a variety of reports that shows the activity of players, past and present.

With this info, the bookmaking agent is able to take better decisions that can improve his profits.

Now, this is a tool which is considered crucial for the success of a wagering and gambling operation.

The reason is because the agent is able to manage his full business just by accessing this data management software.

This means that bookmakers no longer need to process any wagers at all.

In fact, all the information the agent must input is related to the personal accounts of players. This includes data such as:

  • Wagering limits
  • Credit limits
  • Wagers allowed and disallowed for one or all players
  • And so much more


Sports betting and gaming website

A Sportsbook for Bookies from a top PPH Shop not only includes services for agents, but also for their players.

And the main of such solutions is the sports betting gaming website.

This is a site that is easily accessible, and all players need to get their action is a simple user name and password.

Once inside, the agent will find a complete wagering menu provided and managed by the line movers at the PPH Shop.

Now, agents also have the option of getting a fully working online casino.

This costs bookmakers an extra weekly fee, but this service is so profitable, that basically pays itself.

So, if an agent is in fact paying for this solution, when players access the PPH website, they’ll also see the option of accessing the casino lobby.

This means that agents that count with the full services package can recruit not only sports bettors, but also gamblers!

And that is a real difference-maker because it means that agents can sign up clients more frequently.


Standard and Custom Sites

It’s also important to mention that there are two versions of this site: the standard and the custom sites.

The standard is the one all agents obtain when they get a Sportsbook for Bookies from a top PPH Shop.

This standard version offers a lot of advantages. And it’s also the most popular option because it’s also the most affordable one.

Now, a customized site is also available. This means that the top bookmaker can get a site that includes a domain name of his own choosing.

For example, the agent can decide to add his name to the URL to enhance his agent brand, such as andybets dot com.

Or, agents can also pick URL’s that have nothing to do with wagering or gambling, but that it still represents them.

It really all depends on each individual bookmaker and his particular needs.

And, this customized site also allows agents to pick the design of the full website.

This means that the bookmaker can actually have a say about how he wants his site to looks like.

This includes things like the colors, the navigation, and so much more!


Call center wagering

Another advantage of getting a Sportsbook for Bookies from a reputable price per head company is that players get unlimited access to an offshore call center.

This means that the clients of a bookmaker can get their action over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And, what’s great about this service is that the calls are always free for the player.

The reason for that is because the bookmaking agent gets his own toll free number; which only the bookmaker’s own clients are able to dial.

Now, this is a service that’s provided by experienced and skilled clerks.

And players can also get customized services if they are sports or horse betting-only bettors.

This means that when a player calls, he can tell the clerk that he wants to be transferred to a specific department. And that way, the client of the bookie can get a much more personalized service.

And these calling services are also multilingual!

This means that agents can offer their services not only to English-speaking customers; but also to bettors that speak Chinese and Spanish.

Now, if an agent wants to obtain the best offshore call center solutions for his players; he needs to sign up with a Pay per Head company located in Costa Rica.

The reason for this is because this is the kind of PPH Shop that can offer bookmakers the best value for their cash.


Fully mobile services

Now, a Sportsbook for Bookies from a top PPH Shop is fully mobile.

This means that agents and their customers can always access the Pay per Head shop’s services from any mobile device.

This includes smartphones (both android and apple), laptops and tablets.

So, agents can be anywhere in the world, and they won’t have any problems checking what’s going on with the current wagering action of their clients.

And the same goes for players as they can get their action privately; and in a fast and simple way using their favorite devices.


Security guaranteed

Last but not least, security should also be one the key factors to consider when getting a Sportsbook for Bookies from a given PPH Shop.

This means that the price per head company should guarantee the agent that his security or the privacy of his players is never going to be compromised.

So, it’s important to sign up with a Pay per Head shop that allows players to get their action using a simple user name and password.

Meaning that players never have to provide their personal data to the PPH Shop.


Doubtlessly, considering the above information can be relevant when looking for the right Sportsbook for Bookies.

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