Sportsbook Software Entrepreneur: Lessons from Jeff Bezos

In order to become the best sportsbook software entrepreneur you can be, to take into consideration the

Sportsbook Software Entrepreneur: Lessons from Jeff Bezos
Sportsbook Software Entrepreneur: Lessons from Jeff Bezos

advice of the billionaires of the world seems like a good idea.

On this article, we are offering you the top business tips by no other than Jeff Bezos, founder of, so you can apply them to your sports betting operation.


Sportsbook Software Entrepreneur: The Lessons from Bezos


Regret Nothing

In order to have the time to invent what is now, Jeff Bezos had to take the decision of leaving a profitable position as the VP at a top investment firm.

Many individuals would find it very difficult to make the same decision as Jeff did, mainly because they are afraid of losing the financial security attached to such position (or a similar one), but Jeff pictured himself years into the future, looking back at what he had to do in order to obtain the kind of success that he ambitioned.

Jeff Bezos is the kind of guy that doesn’t like to regret a thing, and, even though he knew the risks involved, he decided to follow his dreams.

Now that his company is the top online retail marketplace in the world, it is clear that his attitude paid off.

So, if you are in a similar position where you need to take calculated risks in order to become a successful sportsbook software entrepreneur, trust your instincts, make your decision, and don’t regret your professional choices in life.


Play the Long Game

When Bezos was starting his company, he made it clear to investors that Amazon was still years away from making an actual profit.

It is clear that Jeff was playing the long game, buying himself the necessary time to make things work.

By the late 90s, Amazon was growing steadily while still burning through cash, however, just a couple of years after that, Bezos’ company made his first-ever full-year profit, and things just got better and better.

So, you, as a bookie software entrepreneur, can also play the long game with your investors, allowing you to work without the pressure of time in your shoulders.


Start Small, then Diversify

When Amazon started, the company was just selling books, but nowadays you can find almost anything you can image at this online marketplace.

Bezos knew that selling books was just the first step to create an ‘ everything online store ’, and in your case as a sportsbook software entrepreneur, you can also start small by offering limited services to your clientele until getting to the point where you are able to offer extra solutions, including casino games.


Why So Much Success

Like any other business out there, Amazon started from scratch, but driven by the ambition of a guy like Jeff Bezos, the company was able to push the boundaries of its time, and most importantly, it was able to make its customers happy; and that is just what you need to do in order to make it as a sportsbook software entrepreneur.

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