Sportsbook Software Provider: Working an Overseas PPH Shop

The best Sportsbook Software Provider is definitely a pay per head shop located overseas.

Sportsbook Software Provider: Working an Overseas PPH Shop
Sportsbook Software Provider: Working an Overseas PPH Shop


Sportsbook Software Provider: Why an Offshore Pay per Head Shop

You really want to work with a Sportsbook Software Provider that’s located offshore because of different reasons:

  • Cheaper prices
  • Better services
  • Full security


Cheaper prices

An overseas Sportsbook Software Provider is able to offer cheaper offshore services because it saves substantially in overhead costs.

So, as the PPH Shop saves cash, it makes it possible for bookmaking agents to get cheaper prices; without compromising the quality of the solutions obtained.

As a top bookmaker, what you want to avoid at all costs is to do business with a local PPH Shop.

The reason is because such companies have to pay for their own infrastructure and communications technology.

And this means that their services to you aren’t going to be cheap.

On the other hand, a pay per head shop that works from a country such as Costa Rica counts with everything that’s needed to deliver first-hand solutions.


Better services

Working with an offshore Sportsbook Software Provider means that you’ll get better services.

And, as explained above, you really don’t have to over pay to get access to outstanding sports betting and gaming solutions.

Such services include:

  • Access to modern call center
  • Custom bookie reports
  • Generic and custom wagering and gambling website


Access to modern call center

Only an overseas Sportsbook Software Provider can allow your players to have access to a modern call center.

This is because the offshore pay per head shop counts with modern infrastructure. Both in terms of the building where the call center is located, and also the technological infrastructure.

You can add a group of skilled and experienced individuals running the operation; and you really have a winning formula.

This is of course all to the advantage of the bookmaking agent.

And the reason is because when players call to get their action, they will realize that they’re dealing with expert and skilled wagering clerks.

And they will also notice how clear the call is, and how fast and professional the whole service is.

What’s best, a reputable Sportsbook Software Provider also counts with its out separated departments for sports and horses.

This means that horse racing bettors can dial a specific number that can connect them to the horses department.

The same goes for sports bettors: They can just dial the particular number they received from the bookie; and in a matter of seconds they can be getting their action over the phone.


Custom bookie reports

The best Sportsbook Software Provider is also the one that’s able to offer you custom bookie reports.

These are the reports the bookmaking agent uses to check out the information related to the action of his clients.

The agent can use his preferred mobile device to access the custom bookie software and check all the data he needs.

What’s great is that such mobile capabilities allows the top bookmaker to run his business from any place.

And, what’s great about the reports is that the bookie doesn’t have to waste time checking unnecessary data.

Instead, he can customize each and every single report from the bookie software; with the intention of checking only the info he needs.

This saves the agent a lot of time, and it allows him to take faster decisions that can really improve his profits.


Generic and custom wagering and gambling website

The best Sportsbook Software Provider also allows the agent to choose between generic and custom website services.


Generic website

The generic website allows players to place their bets, or play games such as PPH Poker without any inconveniences.

There is really no problem with this service at all. But it’s important to mention that this is a site that is used by the players of many bookies at the same time.


Custom website

Now, if you really want to take the personalization experience to the next level, you can request a custom website.

Your own players, and nobody else; are the ones that are going to be using this custom site.

And, this is a service that includes a personalized domain name, and even the site design of your preference.

This is really a great option in terms of marketing. The reason is because it allows you to market your wagering and gambling operation under your own brand.

So, when you send clients to your custom site, you are creating a good reputation for yourself because you aren’t even taking care of the website.

All you do is to pay the PPH Shop to run everything for you, and you get the great positive comments and reviews; and the positive word of mouth from clients as well.


Full security

As a bookmaking agent, you always want the safest and most secure services for your clients.

So, make sure to pick a reputable Sportsbook Software Provider as your long-time business partner; so you can ensure your customers that their information is always going to be in safe hands.

A pay per head shop with a good name is never going to request the personal data from your clients.

This is important because this ensures that you’re definitely dealing with a PPH Shop that has a good reputation.

In fact, the price per head shop only needs an alias and a password to process the action of your players.

So, when a player access the PPH website or gets in touch with the call center; all he needs is his user name and password to get his action.

Now, when the player access his account, he will see a balance there.

For security purposes, the PPH Shop can’t process deposits. So, it’s actually the bookmaking agent who sets up the amount that’s shown in the account of each individual player.

This means that once the bookie has come to an agreement with a player; he will refresh the account of the player with extra credits so he place bets or play casino games such as PPH Poker.

As you can see, the Sportsbook Software Provider only manages the data of the action of players; and this really makes everything much safer, and gives agents peace of mind.

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