Sportsbook Software Trial Period: Free for Bookmaking Agents

Getting a Sportsbook Software Trial Period allows you to test sports betting and gaming services for free.

Sportsbook Software Trial Period: Free for Bookmaking Agents
Sportsbook Software Trial Period: Free for Bookmaking Agents

Sportsbook Software Trial Period: The Services

When you get a Sportsbook Software Trial Period; these are the services you’ll be able to test out completely free of charge:

  • Bookie Software
  • Online wagering and gambling
  • Call center solutions
  • Customer services


Bookie Software

You definitely want to test the bookie software from a PPH Shop before paying a single cent for it.

This is a data management tool that offers everything you may possibly need to run your operation seamlessly.

But, the truth is that there are many sportsbook software options out there.

And the least you want to do is to make a deal that includes a poor-quality wagering and gambling data management tool.

So, when getting this bookmaking software, test it out as much as possible.

You want to try every single report. Add information, and see how it’s processed.

You also want to work with a tool that doesn’t require that much training.

In fact, if the tool is good, you should be able to start using it within minutes of having acquired it.

It’s also a good idea to test how to manage the accounts of clients.

This includes:

  • Opening or closing accounts: This is a feature you definitely want to try out because you will be using it all the time. So, you want bookie software that allows you to open or close an account without any delays.
  • Adjusting credit limits: You also want to test out this feature because credit adjustments is also going to be a regular part of your daily tasks as a bookmaking agent.
  • Set wagering limits: And, you also want to be able of setting your own wagering limits; for a single players, for a few, or for all of them. And also according to sport, and wagering type!


Online wagering and gambling

A good Sportsbook Software Trial Period will also allow you to test out the services directed to your players.

This of course includes the online website, where your customers can place bets on sports and horses; and even play casino games, such as PPH Poker.


Wagering area

The “standard” package of services from a Pay per Head shop includes a website where players can get their sports betting action.

This is a nice website that includes the necessary wagering software. And, there are two versions of it:


Regular site:

This is the generic website of the price per head shop. It’s a site that’s shared by many agents and their players.

It works great, and it’s the cheaper version of the two.

This is actually the most popular choice amongst agents. So, if you want a perfectly good service that also makes your pocket happy, this is definitely your best option.


Customized site:

On the other hand, if you want to go a step beyond, you can go for a fully personalized Pay per Head wagering and gambling website.

This site includes its own domain name (.net, .org, .com or anything you prefer), and site design, chosen by the agent himself.

This is means that you, as a top bookmaker, can count with your fully working sports betting site; without having to overpay for it.


Gambling area

For an extra, you can also add a full online casino solution to the wagering site.

This way, you end up with an outstanding sports betting and gaming website that can help you double your profits in an easy way.

The reason for this is because your current bettors can become your first casino clients.

So, the only thing you need to do is to let the PPH Shop know that you want the gambling service; and in a matter of minutes you can make it available for your players.



Call center solutions

You can also use your Sportsbook Software Trial Period to test the call center solutions from the price per head shop.

This is great because it allows you to check the quality of the wagering clerks from the PPH offshore services company.

Feel free to create a player account, and place some wagers over the phone.

If you feel comfortable with the experience, chances are that your clients will be too.

So, if this is the case, it means that you’re dealing with the right overseas Pay per Head solutions company.


Customer services

You can also take the opportunity and check the quality of the customer services provided by the PPH Shop.

You can actually try this service both as an agent and as a player.

First, give them a call as a bookmaking agent, and ask questions from the point of view of a bookie.

Then, at a later time, make another call as a player, and also ask questions from the point of view of your clients.

The customer services from a reputable PPH Shop also includes access to technical support.

So, in order to make sure all of your doubts are fully answered before the Sportsbook Software Trial Period is over; try everything related to all the services, and then test out the PPH Shop’s tech support solutions.

This way, you will have an overall idea of how you can benefit from working with the price per head company of your choice.


Costa Rica

Now, if you’re dealing with a reputable PPH Shop from Costa Rica, you can expect everything to be high-quality.

The reason is because this is the country where everything really comes together for price per head companies.

Costa Rica is a country with favorable laws related to gambling. Plus there are many sports betting and gaming professionals working here, both locals and expats.

Overhead costs are also quite affordable, including high-end offices and telecommunications technology.

This means that this is really the best nation for a PPH Shop to run its business from.

So, if you want a Sportsbook Software Trial Period, make sure to get it from a price per head company located in this Central American nation.

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