Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook with Affordable Bookie Services

Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook is easy because you get tools you and your players will need.

Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook with Affordable Bookie Services
Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook with Affordable Bookie Services

And all you’ll need to do is to pay a weekly price per head fee.

This is a fee that is based on actual usage, which means that you can save even more…


Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook: Bookie Services

Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook means that you’ll count with high-quality bookie software.

This is a tool you can use to monitor all the action of your players, so that you can have a better idea of what’s going on with their activity.

And you can do this using more than 15 agent reports, all of which are very user-friendly.

So you’ll understand all the information displayed there immediately.

You can also use this tool to create new player accounts, and to edit the data of your current players.

For example, you can edit the wagering limits for one, or many clients at the same time.

And you can also edit the credit limits of your players, according to the particular deals you make with each one of them.


Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook: Player Services

When Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook, you also get offshore services for your players, which includes:

  • Wagering and gambling website
  • Call center access


Wagering and gambling website

When you sign up, your players automatically get access to the sports betting area of the website.

And, if you want them to have access to the online casino area, all you need to do is to pay an extra weekly fee.

Once you get both services, you can create user names and passwords for your players, so that they can start getting their action right away.

If you don’t want to pay the extra cash, and only get sports betting services, that’s fine.

But, you’ll be missing on a great opportunity of doubling your profits effortlessly.

The reason is because chances are that your bettors are also gamblers, so, if you offer them casino games, you can also get their gambling action, which they’ll get somewhere else otherwise.

And counting with your own casino is also a great option because it allows you to recruit not only new bettors; but regular gamblers as well.

This means that you business will no longer be tied up to your wagering operation alone; but also to a prosperous gambling operation.

In fact, you may end up with more gamblers than bettors!

Now, there are two types of websites you can choose from:

  • Standard site
  • Personalized site


Standard site

This is the standard website of the PPH Shop. It’s not the official site you saw when you were looking for price per head companies.

Instead, this is their official wagering and gambling site. So, this is the site where the players of most agents get their action.

It’s a great, yet simple site, where players can login and access the sports betting and gambling areas to get their action.


Personalized site

Now, if you’re Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook, you should get a personalized website.

And the reason is because this is an option that will allow you to enhance your image as top bookmaking agent.

This is because this will be your personal website, where only your players will be placing bets.

Plus, you get to pick the design, and the name of the site.

And what’s best is that this site includes the software your players need to get their wagering and gambling action.

So, it’s basically your website, but you don’t have to pay for expensive gaming software or hosting!

In other words: you get all the benefits of owning a fully working sports betting and gaming site, and none of the overhead costs!

And that is because all you do is to pay a weekly fee, that includes not only this site, but all the rest of the standard PPH solutions.


Call center access

Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook also means that your players will count with access to a modern call center located in Costa Rica.

This is great because it means that your players can still get their wagers with the assistance of someone; without having to contact you directly.

And what’s also great is that this a multilingual solution; which means that you can offer your services to players that speak not only English, but also Chinese and Spanish.


Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook: Startup Funds

When Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook business, you need to count with some startup cash.

The reason is because you need to keep your players happy at all times; and that means to pay them when they win, no exceptions.

So, even though your goal is to make a lot of money, which you will; you also need to be responsible to your customers before that happens.

And once your business becomes profitable, you can start paying winners out of your own earnings…

Now, there are certain ways in which you can get this startup cash:

  • Family and friends
  • Investors
  • Personal bank account


Family and friends:

If you know someone that can lend you this money, then that’s a good alternative.

But if you do, make sure to pay the person on time to always keep a healthy relationship.



People out of your close circle can also help you get the cash you need.

An investor can give you money in exchange for a mere profit, but you still assume all the risk of the operation.

Or, an investor can assume some of the risk, in exchange for a partnership; which means that the partner can also take decisions.

Which kind of investor to pick, it’s really your personal choice…


Personal bank account:

If you have this cash in your personal account at the bank, then this is really the best way to go!

And the reason for that is because even though you’ll assume all the risk, all the profits will be yours!


As you can see, Starting a Pay per Head Sportsbook with the right PPH offshore services can help you become the kind of successful agent you want to be…

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