Starting a Sportsbook: Top Reasons to Use Pay per Head Services

Starting a Sportsbook all by yourself can be very expensive. However, if you use Pay per Head services, you can start running a sports betting

Starting a Sportsbook: Top Reasons to Use Pay per Head Services
Starting a Sportsbook: Top Reasons to Use Pay per Head Services

and gaming operation of any size right away.


Starting a Sportsbook: Why Pay per Head?

Here are the reasons why you, as a bookmaking agent, should opt for using the offshore services of a price per head shop:

  • Minimum startup capital
  • Bookie software ready to go
  • Wagering and gambling


Minimum startup capital

Starting a Sportsbook using Pay per Head solutions means that you won’t have to spend a lot.

This is because the PPH Shop can provide you with all the services that you need to become successful.


Weekly fees

You can get everything by paying a small weekly price per head fee based on actual usage.

This means that if you have 50 players, for example, and only 25 of them utilized the services of the Pay per Head shop in a given week; then you only pay for those 25 active players.

And, you don’t pay anything at all for the players that remained inactive.

As you can see, working with a PPH Shop offers you a type of service where you pay only when there’s activity.

In other words, you only pay when you get paid!

This is clearly a win-win-win: A situation that is good for the PPH Shop, for you as a bookmaking agent, and for your players.


Paying players

Now, when Starting a Sportsbook you do need to count with some capital.

Not much, but enough to pay players when they win.

This is the cash that you’ll need at the very beginning of your career as a bookie.

Then, as your sports betting and gaming business starts to get profitable; you can start paying those who win out of your own profits.

But until then, you need to count with some cash. Because if you fail to pay winning players; they aren’t just going to leave you, but they are also going to tell others about it.

And this negative word of mouth can make it tougher for you to sign up new players. Especially if you live in an area where there’s a large community of sports bettors and gamblers.


Bookie software ready to go

When Starting a Sportsbook, you also want to count with a data management tool that allows you start operating right away.

And this is exactly what a PPH Shop offers you: sportsbook software of the highest quality.

This bookie software makes it possible for the agent to start monitoring the wagering or gambling action of clients as soon as he wants to.

The least that the agent needs is the opposite scenario: To wait a long time going from business plan, to actually start the sports betting and gaming operation.

With bookmaking software from a reputable PPH Shop, you can start at any moment.

Just let the people at the Pay per Head company know that you want to become a client.

And, in less than an hour, you can start offering online and call center betting to your players.



When Starting a Sportsbook, you want to work with bookie software that includes customizable reports.

This is because you want to sort out the data related to the action of your players as needed.

This is important considering that a successful sports betting and gaming operation processes a lot of action every single day.

So you want to have access to a data management tool that counts with custom reports that can make your work easier.


Wagering and gambling

Starting a Sportsbook with the help of a Pay per Head shop allows you to please the needs of sports bettors and gamblers alike.

This is how it works:

When you sign up with a Pay per Head shop, you immediately get access to sportsbook services for bettors.

This means that you can start processing sports and horse racing bets right away.

However, if you want to start your own online casino, you need to pay an extra every week.

Now, considering all the advantages that running your own web gambling operations can bring; it is doubtlessly a safe choice to say yes to pay a little extra per week.

By doing so, you can increase your profits considerably. And it is even possible for your gambling business to grow bigger than your wagering operation.

It’s really up to you and what kind of players you want to get as clients of your operation.


Online Betting

Now, when Starting a Sportsbook, your players will get access to a great generic or custom website where they can get their action.

You want your clients to place their wagers or play casino games such as PPH Poker using a fast and reliable mobile solution.

This is because most players really enjoy getting their action in a private way using their mobile devices.

So, in order to be competitive and gain the interest of new customers; you need to offer them an above-average mobile solution.

As stated above, when you sign up and become a client of the Pay per Head shop; you get access to betting services.

But you’ll need to pay an extra for your customers to access the gambling area.


Call Center

When Starting a Sportsbook, working with a Pay per Head shop also proves to be the best option because of its call center services.

This means that players are able to place their bets using the help of professional wagering clerks.

And, you can even give separate numbers to your sports and horse betting players. This way when they call to get their action, they’ll be talking with a specialized clerk that can process the call flawlessly.

You want to work with a Pay per Head that’s located offshore. In a country like Costa Rica.

This is because the PPH Shop is able to save in overhead costs. Which means that they can offer you high-quality services for lower prices.


Considering the information above; it’s safe to say that the best option when Starting a Sportsbook is to work directly with a Pay per Head shop.

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