Why You Should Choose Price Per Head Software

Every modern bookie knows that Pay Per Head software is a must to get before starting out his/her online bookmaking business. Now, the question is which one to choose if there are hundreds of options for per head software? Don’t worry today we are going to present you Price Per Head — the best Pay Per Head provider on the current gambling market. Keep reading this article and you will learn why you should definitely choose Price Per Head software for your bookie business.

Price Per Head is your best choice because they offer…

  • Custom-made building specially designed for per head services
  • Most complete wagering menu and live in-game betting on all major sporting events
  • A wide range of betting options such as Straight bets, Parlays, Teasers, Pleasers, If bets, Live betting and so much more
  • Most popular gaming choices: Sportsbook, Facebook, Online Casino, Box Pools, Live Casino and Live Betting
  • Sharpest lines in the industry
  • Completely customizable wagering rules
  • State-of-the-art technology to guarantee the safest environment for users
  • Easy-to-use interface and most complete features
  • Fully mobile-friendly for agents and players
  • Exclusive multiple reporting systems
  • Wiseguy/sharp action monitoring and notification
  • Detailed reports provided for agents’ easy business management
  • Customizable agent and player profiles including sports limits, all games setup and payout limits
  • 24/4/365 outstanding customer support with different language assistance (English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese)
  • Call center equipped with over 150 customer care professionals with years of expertise
  • Quality control monitoring on all calls and online-placed action

Besides of all these services and tools mentioned above, Price Per Head also gives some benefits to their bookie agents like…

  • 1 free week for new sign-ups
  • Free walk-through service for initial setup or post-setup process by professional account representatives
  • Excellent attractive rewards program for bookie agents
  • Personalized phone number from the US Canada and Latin America supporting with representatives speaking English, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese for your business expansion plan

With over 40 years of combined online wagering experience and the best management tool you can get, Price Per Head will help you bookie business achieve unprecedented success. Therefore, why not join today and give a try their amazing software!

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Best Free Bookie Software Experience

It’s Time to Take Advantage of the Best Bookie Software!

You got to believe that it’s true that you get to work with the best PPH outfit without cost! And the best part is you will be able to experience all the full services they offer to every customer.

There are the features you got even from free trial:

  • 24/7 real-time access to your package
  • Sharpest lines for the business
  • You are able to choose which sports you want to offer your players
  • Personalize wagering limits per sport & wager type
  • Decide your own maximum wins per wager type
  • Set your own parlay and teaser rules
  • Real-time reporting on every player activity history, win/loss, balances, settle, etc.
  • Excellent infrastructure and redundancy with assured 99.99% up-time
  • Best customer support in this industry
  • Best mobile interface

They are the quickest rising Pay Per Head in the market with more than 10 years of experience. Price Per Head centers their business model on customer satisfaction, which is why they have the best client retention rate in the bookie industry. They have created a set of customized services to fulfill all the needs of bookie agents no matter of their size, and their operation runs super efficiently. Price Per Head is so proud of their service and they want you to experience it for yourself.

Besides, proudly offering every person a week of free trial of their bookie software means you don’t have anything to lose but everything to gain! Once you experience their awesome service, you won’t want to leave. Now, maybe you are probably thinking, “Sure, I’ll love the service. But, after the free trial, they may charge me with an outrageous fees that I won’t be able to afford!”. Don’t worry, that is not the case at all!

Like mentioned earlier, does things differently, and they don’t believe that a better service should be synonymous with costly. They offer a fair price and that is probably the similar cost you would be paying at some other PPH companies with below average service.

That’s right, the free trial offering is available to all new bookies who register now at Therefore, stop hesitating and join today! Simply remember that you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

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How Price Per Head Software Solution Helps Your Bookie Business

Manually taking bets is no longer an efficient way to handle a book since technology has opened the doors for world-wide business operation. However, if you haven’t found the correct means to run your bookmaking business, you will still quickly start losing customers and this will lead to the end of your bookmaking career. In fact, there is one way to guarantee your bookie business running smoothly and you can definitely benefit from using it. Such amazing method is to use Price Per Head software to manage your bookie business! Let’s take a look on how this software solution can actually help your bookie business to grow successfully.

Keep your business secure and protect the privacy

Price Per Head has invested a great amount of money on building their website with the top advanced technology and using the best software. Their security features can guarantee both bookie agents and players a safe environment for betting and also protect all customers’ data. Therefore, you can stop worrying about that someone might steal your business’ information, and you will be able to provide your players the greatest service you got. 

Manage the business easier and offer diverse betting options

Price Per Head software offers a user-friendly interface which allows you to manage the business easier. You can handle dozens of sports events and hundreds of bets all at the same time because the system can automatically record and grade the bets during and after gamer for you. By using the bookie software, you can also offer different betting options such as teasers, parlays, live betting and so much more. As a result, the more action you are able to take the more profits you will generate.

Minimize the business risks

The big advantage of using Pay Per Head software is that it gives you a real-time visibility into every detail of your business. For example, with this bookie software, you can use its reporting tools to gather key data to identity any area for improvement. In addition, you’ll be able to catch any suspicious patterns or trends at the right moment and minimize the risks to harm your business.

Have a non-sleep and profitable Sportsbook

Price Per Head provides a 24/7 365 days-a-year professional customer support team with excellence to take care of the bets for you. Which means that your Sportsbook is open around the clock and your player even the ones across the world can place the bets whenever they want. As a matter of fact, bookie software can effectively help you grow your business easier because now you are able to dedicate more of your time on finding more players to further increase your revenues.