Best Password Manager Choices In 2020

In the previous articles, we have been talking about how important to prevent online threats by creating strong passwords. Now, we know that normally strong passwords require a complex combination of words and also need to contain a considerable length to increase the effect of protection. You can check out these tips if you want to learn how to create strong passwords. 

However, memorizing dozens and dozens of passwords can be quite challenge for everyone even you have a good memory. And using the same password over again on different accounts can cause a great danger if one of your account has been compromised. If you find yourself consistently struggled on remembering all the passwords, it’s time to consider a password manager to help you seamlessly handle and store all your login credentials.

Here we want to give our sincere recommendation and show you the best password manager choices in 2020. 


LastPass offers the best free version of password manager which gives you the ability to generate strong passwords, to store passwords, user login data, credentials and even sync all the data wherever you want across browsers and mobile devices.


Single User & Families Plans

  • Free $0 (includes 30-day trial of Premium)
  • Premium $3/month (1GB encrypted file storage)
  • Families $4/month (6 Premium licenses for sharing up to 6 users with dashboard manager included)

Business Plans (14 days free-trial)

  • MFA $3/user/month (multi-factor authentication but not included passwords generator or customized security policies)
  • Teams $4/user/month (50 users recommended, 
  • Enterprise $6/user/month (full password management functions with dark web monitoring, 1200+ integrated SSO applications and contextual access policies) 
  • Idenity $8/user/month (all the services from Enterprise Plan with the complete multi-factor authentication system)


Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera


1Password is the best password manager to keep your login data secure and private. Besides, it’s pretty easy to use and protect all your important information by just remembering one Master Password. In fact, you can even enable the Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your 1Password to simplify the entry process.


Personal & Family Plans (14 days free-trial)

  • Personal $2.99/month (unlimited passwords and up to 1GB document storage)
  • Families $4.99/month (limited sharing up to 5 guests and includes the management control function)

Teams & Business Plans

  • Teams $3.99/user/month (1GB document storage per person and 5 guest accounts for limited sharing )
  • Business $7.99/user/month (5GB document storage per person, 20 guest accounts for limited sharing, VIP support and customizable control functions with advanced protection)
  • Enterprise – custom quote for large enterprise (includes dedicated account manager, tailor-made setup training and onboard engineer)


Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS

Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera