How Much Money Should I Prepare For Bookie Business?

In case you are really interested in becoming a bookie, it is normal for you to be curious about knowing how much money you may need in order to start a business journey. The good news here is that you don’t actually need a high amount of money to get started. However, it is always good to have some kind of funds before you begin because you should be ready to pay your players on time to create a nice business image.

What is the amount of money I need to prepare?

We all know that eventually the long-term players are going to lose when they gamble on sports. However, you still need to have money in hand so that you are able to pay when your players do end up winning. 

In case you have 10 ~ 20 players and you’re going to allow them to bet $500 to $1,000 per game, then you better be ready to have a bigger funds saved up. To be more specific, you need to have a minimum funds of $10,000, because your players might simply get fortunate within the first couple of weeks and start off winning. This is just an approximate figure and of course you can prepare more if possible.

Start big is risky

When you firstly got players who like to wager $500 to $1,000 per game, you may be excited about a great amount of profits you can possibly make from them. However, you may not win all the time or you don’t actually have that much of funds to risk for start-ups. Simply imagine that for a player to win $3,000 per week who usually bets $1,000 a game, he/she would just need to win three games throughout that particular week. Which means that such fast money movement could become quite risky and causes you business to go out of control.

Therefore, when you have these kind of bigger bettors to start out with but you can’t afford to pay so much money at once, then it would be recommended to set up much lower limits. After then, you just simply inform your players that for the time being the limits will be $250 or less. As long as you successfully build trust and comfort with your players, you can raise the limits at any moment or any points you desire.

How much do I prepare if I start out small one?

On the other hand, in the case that you are looking to be a bookie but you only have under 10 players and you are actually just beginning from scratch. A small funds of $2,500~3,000 will probably be more than enough to get started if you set up well the betting limits. Obviously your players might start off and immediately start losing during the first weeks of betting, after then you might not even need to worry about having extra money on the side, but simply collect the losses instead.

Suggestions for new bookies

Apparently, more money you could have set aside for paying your players the better prepared you can be if they win, and the bigger swings you’ll be ready to deal with when starting out. However, do not feel discouraged from becoming a bookie even if you don’t have that much money saved to pay winners. Instead, this means you should cautiously begin with a lot smaller limits on your players and build up your online business slowly so you’re protected early from the fortunate chance player’s start off winning.

Another suggestion for new bookies is to make use of a Pay Per Head website that specifically has a worldwide max payout feature that can be utilized to all wagers positioned through their website. This unique feature permits bookies to set a max payout on every wager that their players place. Which will help bookies to be protected against players winning more than they could afford to pay. It is an excellent feature to utilize particularly in case you are just starting out the bookie business as a newbie and have very limited funds to work with.

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Why You Should Start Your Own Gambling Business?

Since online betting constitutes the majority of the global gambling market, setting up an online sportsbook is actually a great way to make money. Today, we are going to discuss why you should become a bookie and start out your own gambling business.

Perfect job opportunity combined with personal hobby

Normally, the majority of sports gambling professionals start out this business career because they love sports games. In fact, being a bookie requires to be passionate about games and races. So, if you are also one of these sporting game lovers, bookie business will become the perfect job opportunity for you to make money. It’s totally the dream job that you can get because you will enjoy watching your favorite games while making profits. 

Moreover, with the assistance of the best Pay Per Head solution that you can find in the market, you will no longer need to manually track scores and bets. You now can easily manage and monitor all players betting activities through their complete featured software.

Time flexibility

Not every job has the luxury of time flexibility, but being a bookie can. Actually, working from anyplace that you feel comfortable with and setting your own hours is not a dream anymore. Being a bookie gives you this amazing opportunity because it allows you to go on trips, enjoy more social life, and take breaks when necessary. Besides, you can also choose the best time for you to work without needing to worry about the work schedule like other business.

Low budget

Unlike other businesses that require a lot of start out funds, bookie business can begin with a low budget. Therefore, if you don’t have huge funds to invest in a business, don’t worry, you can perfectly start with a low budget and increase the size of business little by little. Actually, what you need to invest is quite simple. You should prepare some money to be able to cover the bets you may lose to the winning players, and also pay the right Pay Per Head service a small fee for each active player you sign on. There is no need for you to spend additional money on renting the office, buying business equipment, hiring employees or paying the license. With Price Per Head‘s online platform, you will have a lucrative and sustainable bookie business with ease.

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How To Successfully Run A Bookie Business

In case you are still considering whether to open your own bookie shop, but worry about not making it in such a competitive industry. You should definitely keep reading this article to learn how to run a bookie business. Here we have prepared some tips for you:

Useful Tips to Ensure Business Success

Bookmaking done right can become a very profitable operation; however, every startup has its risks, and in this bookie business, success or break can even come faster comparing to most other trades. Therefore, getting some insider tips can help you make the difference in making your business as profitable as it can be.

Simply remember: You are not a gambler, you are a business owner! 

That is probably the toughest hurdle to overcome on a personal level. To make your business thrive, you have to think and act like a businessman. Which means everything comes down to numbers and your goal is to make profits and the best way to do so is by keeping things as balanced as you can. Therefore, you should try not to get greedy and use the right Pay Per Head service that can assist you on running your bookie operation with more control.

Make more customers

Having players is the main source of income for a bookie business. So, you should try to grow your business through the referrals, and make sure those referrals are solid and can really vouch for the new player.

Analyze and know your players

In fact, analyzing the betting patterns of your players is essential and knowing your clientele is key to having business success. However, it’s not enough to only know what is the favorite betting team of each player. There are still much more details that you need to learn about your players’ preferences and also be vigilant for any changes in their betting patterns.

Here are some key metrics for you to consider:

  • What sports do your players usually bet on?
  • Do they like props, alternative lines or futures?
  • Do they place bets on horse racing or casino games besides of sports games?
  • What is the average wager value?
  • Are some of your players colluding?
  • Do they use mobile devices to place their wagers?

We know that keeping up with all of those will not be an easy task. So, here comes the best support you can get from because their experts are trained to help you identify any suspicious patterns and also will notify you while they see any opportunity for you to increase your income.

Understand your bankroll

This is actually related to the first tip we just mentioned. You need to know how much money you’ve got to be able to cover the bets. Bookmaking is totally a great business choice, but it doesn’t mean that you will always make money all the time. In other words, you may face some brutal weeks that may wreak havoc on your wallet, and if you are unable to pay your players, your business will be in danger.

As a result, keeping eye on the finance is one of the most important thing to maintain the wellness of the business. The good news here is your pay per head service can do the bulk of the work for you by providing you several detailed reports on players betting activities and win/loss. So, make sure you collect from the losers and pay the winners on time.

In addition, another priceless advice is, when you have a good week don’t get too emotional and spend all your profits at once. It’s necessary to always set aside a portion of your winnings for a rainy day, week or month because you never know what can happen in anytime. Always pay your players on time, that way you have leverage on them when you need to collect.

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Why Cryptocurrency Is Essential To Bookie Business?

Online bookie business becomes pretty popular nowadays because it holds some advantages for people to get the success easier. One of these advantages is to use the cryptocurrency as payment method. However, not every bookie software provides the cryptocurrency service. Thankfully, a good Pay Per Head like has been wise enough to embrace the new technology and always gives their clients the best. 

There are still many people don’t really understand what cryptocurrency is and what benefits it can provide them. For this reason, we will start with the basics and show you why cryptocurrency is essential to your bookie business. Hopefully, by the end of this article, we will have successfully clarified your doubts and make you understand more why you definitely need it on your bookie business journey.


Cryptocurrencies are designed to work as a medium of exchange . They use blockchain technology which is an advanced encoding algorithm that can secure and verify all online transactions without being overseen by any financial institutions or government entities. In other words, other third parties cannot track users’ activities nor make any influence against their interest. As a result, using cryptocurrency becomes a perfect solution for bookies and players around the world because no one (such as government, hacker, bank, corporation, etc) is able to interfere the transactions.


Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin doesn’t require any personal sensitive information from its users. There is no license, background checks or proof of identity needed to own the cryptos. Indeed, you can transfer, receive, buy or sell cryptos in complete anonymity and with complete privacy. Because it is virtually impossible to point out where the transaction was originated and nobody is able to figure out who sent, received or exchanged the money. Therefore, using this kind of payment method can certainly protect your business and keep its anonymity as much as possible.

Instant convenience

Unlike the traditional payment methods that sometimes may take from a few minutes, hours or even up to days for the verification process, cryptocurrency transfers are nearly real-time. Which implies that every transfer of cryptocurrency is verified immediately. Therefore, bookies won’t need to face a frustration of delay when they need to make a payment while having very busy schedules.


Since cryptocurrency technology is encoded by mathematical algorithms, it guarantees the security of users’ transactions because data cannot be falsified or altered. This means that it makes difficult for hackers to steal your money and you are able to obtain maximum security while conducting cryptocurrency transactions.


Since there is no third-party involved in any transaction such as banks, this makes the transaction fees much lower than other traditional forms of payments. To be more specific, using Bitcoin, Ethereal, Litecoin or other cryptocurrencies turn out much cheaper than using Western Union, Money Gram, Pre-paid cards or gift cards. Besides of its effectiveness and many benefits mentioned above, bookies can save a little money even they lose the bets.

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