Top Cyber Dangers To Bookie Business

Bookie business is a type of business that relies on using technology stuffs like Internet, smart devices and softwares. Since Pay Per Head solution now provides the software with complete features where bookies can easily manage customer data, betting activities and all the financial transactions, this may likely become the interest to cyber criminals. Although a good Pay Per Head software can offer many security measures for customers’ best protection, there are still many cyber risks that can put your business in danger no matter how small your business is. Here are some cyber dangers that every bookie should be aware of and learn how to avoid these threats which will help protect your digital assets, intellectual property and even your business.                 



The most common malware such as Trojans is a type of malicious software which disguises itself as legitimate software or application to steal your data from your devices. Therefore, in order to protect your bookie business from such malware, you should regularly proceed software updates and install patches when there is a new one. In addition, getting a good anti-virus and maintaining the update all the time is necessary for preventing this kind of threat. 

Phishing mails

Phishing is an attempt to steal sensitive information while posing as a trustworthy contact from the entities you may know, for example banks, Paypal or online service. Those phishing emails may look completely convincing even with faultless wording or genuine logos. But if you carefully review the details like addresses, you can still catch the identity of fake mails. Besides, do not open the unsolicited emails especially those that ask for sensitive information. And make sure that you turn on the spam filters to reduce the chance of receiving this kind of risk.

Data hacking

Traditionally hackers attempt to gain access to victims’ account and steal their data for self-benefits. Since your business is all about running the money, protecting the access to financial accounts or databases is a very important task to do. In this case, creating strong passwords is the frontline mission to enhance the protection of your accounts. Moreover, setting up network firewalls and double data access security is another method to protect yourself from hacking. Never share your passwords with other people and do not enter any personal information on unknown websites.


Do not underestimate that small business like yours can be rarely a target for cyber criminals because of the business size. However, any information stored on your devices might be interesting to them and cause you a big loss. So, prepare yourself to fight with these potential cyber dangers and make your bookie business more successful.

Image by Elchinator from Pixabay